A softness

You bounce from cloud to cloud

Completely oblivious to the world beneath you

All that matters

is the softness

and the bouncing.

An insurmountable happiness

wells up inside you

And a strength,

never before felt,

makes you invincible.

But for one thing

That thing you bounce towards

It has the power to break you

turn your elation to despair

make your barrier to reality crumble

And yet you trust

so implicitly

that that will not come to pass.

Is it the smile

Or the kind words?

Or maybe something deeper?

A desperate need to trust someone

Or disillusions of commitment?

It is worrying to discover

that as much as your reasons for trust

may be well-founded

that person can still make you hurt

Even without a conscious desire to.

As, with this obliviousness to reality setting in

and the soft bouncing,

comes a sensitivity

a vulnerability.

You can be hurt by anything

And so much worse than ever before


as another wave of euphoria

crashes over you

you come to the conclusion that

It's worth it.