Closing moments with the voice

Written by Gabe Ricard

Here's a very short, sweet story that I'm sure few will read but what the hell. As I said this isn't very long but I hope those who liked my Amadeus fan fic will like this as well. So sit back and enjoy.


No response.


"Huh? Wha-?" Rick stirred slightly and sat up. "Who's there?" he asked knowing full well who it was.

Miss me Rick?

"What the fuck do you want?" hissed Rick quietly.

That's no way to speak to an old friend Ricky…I just came to see how you where doing

"That a fact…you should know better than anyone else…it's because of YOU I'm here…you son of a bitch."

Me? Whatever did I do?"

Rick's face was now contorted in anger. "You know god damn well what you did."

You never did learn to take responsibility for your actions…did you Rick? You didn't have to listen to my advice. But you did…and whose fault is that? Who's going to die today? Hm?"

Rick's angry expression faded and his eyes took on a more desperate look that still held some of the moments earlier anger inside it. "I tried to ignore you…but you wouldn't leave me alone…you where always there…in my sleep…when I was awake…every moment…I never would have-"

Killed your beautiful wife and two little girls both of which haven't passes the age of ten yet?

"Shut up!"

I still remember her looking up at you with her terrified, bleeding face moments before you plunged the hatchet into the middle of her forehead. It was kind of like a deer when I think about it.

"I said shut up! L-l-l-leave m-me…alone." Rick smashed his head against his pillow and began sobbing slowly.

I wish I could remember the look on your little girls faces. It's a shame you killed them too quickly for any kind of picture to be burned into your mind.

"Go away!" Rick continued to sob.

I was thinking about the trial Ricky. It was quite the media blitz wasn't it? Personally I couldn't really see why but ah well. You didn't think you could plea insanity did you? No one was going to buy that from Rick Smallwood…prodigy of Port Alberni's top real estate company. The best touch was the way you screamed as they dragged you out of the courtroom after the verdict and sentence.

"Please…I just want to s-s-stop hurting…leave me..a-a-al-o-one."

I suppose I will since there's what? Five minutes left? But Ricky…before I go…can I ask you one question?


"When you killed your wife I noticed the first thing you did was stab her in the left breast…did you get a hard on when you did that?"

Rick let out a scream and leaped from his bed running over to the bars of his cell and clutching them tightly. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD! GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!" as he screamed this he brought his head down against the bars again and again until finally several officers ran to the cell and pushed him back. They quickly opened the cell and where upon him though it appeared to make little difference as Rick was barely conscious.

I better be going Rick. Take care of yourself and watch out for those darn voices in your head.

Rick heard nothing but deathly silence inside his mind as he was lifted up by two men and taken from the cell.

One of officers watched them take Rick away and turned to his friend. "Jesus…that guy's sure fucked up isn't he?"

"I know…all he ever does is sit in his cell and yell at himself. Supposed to hear voices."

"Yeah…I read an article on it awhile back. Claimed the devil told him to kill his family. Crazy shit in this world."

"Yeah…good thing we're normal ordinary types."

"Amen to that. Come on let's go get a beer." The other guard nodded and walked out of the cell. He turned to close the cell door but stopped.

That Rick guy sure is fucking crazy huh? Good thing you're a normal ordinary type."

The guard was quiet as the night for a moment before his friend asked him in an annoyed tone if he was going to hurry up. The guard shook his head and slowly followed his friend past the various cells of other inmates.


Before I say anything let me say this. As someone who has had friends with things like schizophrenia and other mental illnesses and being someone who's not all there himself I want those who are reading this to know that this is not something that's amusing or funny and if you or anyone you love has these type of problems to get help immediately. I know that's kind of lame but I figured I may as well say it anyway. Up next will be two huge projects which will take awhile to complete so until then thanks for reading and be sure to review.