The Eternal Paradox

By Michael G. Dempsey

For thousands of years Man has sought the answer to the question of the meaning of life: what is our purpose? Why are we here? Why is it that we are so different to other organisms?

The answer is that we believe there to be an answer.

Curiosity is at the core of human nature. The greater reality we refer to as God, the force that made us, cannot be reached; it created our minds and our curiosity, yet our imagination invented it so as to explain what created us.

God created Man yet Man created God, therefore Man knows the truth, Man is God, and the two are in fact one.

The eternal paradox is the "ideal" solution, as it takes into account any and every single philosophy ever devised by Man, because they are all ideas and it is our purpose in life to determine an answer.

It is eternal because we have never found nor never will find an answer.

The journey has no destination. An individual meets his end in death, but he cannot then return and tell the rest of humanity of what he saw.

The eternal paradox would then suggest that purpose is something of an illusion; by seeking a purpose we have created one.

A/N: OK I wrote this in a hurry and probably I've missed out stuff I'd originally thought up. But anyway, it's only my idea! What do YOU think?