A Lesson in Love

(A story involving geometry, a boy, a girl, and a tutoring session. Oh, and some hatred and then they make up for it with undying love! And it also includes a few E's.0

Once upon a time, there was a pretty, pretty princess who was locked up in a dungeon from 7:10 am to 2:15 pm for 180 days a year. OK, she went to school. But what's the difference?

This pretty, pretty princess (alright, her name was Katie. And she wasn't a princess.) was usually OK at math. She got by with Bs. Until she got to high school. That's when her grades slowing dropped to Cs and Ds, and then she got a E on her second quarter report card and was sentenced to 9 weeks hard labor (ahem, I mean tutoring). But, you see, this is just like a cheesy high school drama, so the cute boy who sat next to her in math class became her evil master who lorded over her and beat her with a whip made of the strands of a unicorn's tail! (Goodness, my impudent tongue! What I meant to say was he became her tutor. I guess they don't have unicorn tail whips in cheesy high school dramas).

So, Katie found herself sitting next to this super cute guy five days a week and trying to grasp the concept of Euclidean geometry. It wasn't hard to keep her eyes from wandering to his dreamy blue ones that where the color of the sky in October (enough. I'll stop.) Anyway, she didn't need to stop herself from doing this because she despised him because found him intimidating. He was a so good at math that she want to grab a whip made out of the strands of a unicorns tail and choke him! And the worst part was he was on to her. Like, he really, really liked her. A lot. Like, a whole lot. Like one day he was like, "Will you got to the Snowflake Dance with me?" And she was all, "Ew, no, you jerk! I despise you!" And then he said, "But I'm sweet, and considerate, and I'm helping you with your homework five days a week…" And then she looked into his October sky blue eyes and realized just how sweet and considerate (cough, not to mention hot…) he really was, and was like, "Oh, how could I have possibly wanted to strangle you with a whip made out of the strands of the unicorns tail?" and he was all "What?!" But then the principal/wizard entered the scene and sprinkled magic forgetful dust on Mr. Hot Tutor's head, and so he forgot the whole choking thing and they embraced and kissed and went to the dance and lived happily ever after.

The End.