Hello miss Katrina how are you today?
Wearing your new gray dress in a sassy young way
Wink a stormy eye, and blow a windy kiss
As you dance 'cross blue carpets on your way to the beach

Hello miss Katrina in your gray evening gown
Neptune gives you his favor and your strength grows in bounds
Dance 'cross plush blue carpets on your way to the beach
Your goal is in sight but still out of reach

Hello miss Katrina in your gray ballroom dress
The layers billow out when you twirl while you dance
Pluto beseeches you, do him a favor
Help him to expand his dismal empire

Hello miss Katrina what are you plotting?
Still going to the beach, but now with dark purpose
Gather your skirts away from the water
And blow land a kiss, the a promise all see.

My gosh miss Katrina what have you done?
Traded favors with Neptune for use of his sea
You flooded Louisiana and the states all around
Hades population goes up and you leave town

Good-bye miss Katrina and never come back
Neptune took you to the sea and made you his wife
Pluto now owes you for the deaths that you caused
Broken families curse your name and the wails are non-stop

Oh miss Katrina why did you do this?
Your destruction still lingers and death was your kiss
Keep all of your children with you in the sea
Your skirts are now black and forever shall be.