Wrote this coz class was so damn boring…. Title sucks…

My Grudge

Mom thought she knew everything about me
But I was just a lie-
She couldn't see
Maybe I just wanted too much to be free

Dad wasn't any better
He kept leaving us as the latter
All he cared about was getting his purse fatter and fatter
So all of his actions were of no wonder

Grandma kept nagging and nagging
With her ugly face sagging and sagging
Her stupid talk never ending
All I wanted to do was give her a good slapping

Big sis was a real comfort, though
All my hurts, she tried to sew
It was always comforting to know
There always was someone around, even in the snow

Grandpa was the best of the best
Next to big sis, he beats the rest
He was old, but quick and fast
And treated everyday as his last

But all my hatred
All my love
Has both returned to up above

I watch as all the flames burn away
Only I am left here to stay
I keep saying I'll be okay
That that was their final day
That I would have to move on someday…

I regret my thinking
I regret it much
My family, they weren't really that bad of such
I should have released it long ago...
My grudge.

I should have said this
I should have done that
I hated till I was in my own trap
Blinded by my own selfish wills,
Regret is the only thing I feel.

Here I stand
By their graves,
My eyes as dark as the depths of caves

I want to say sorry

But what can I do?
No matter how much more my words are true
No matter how much more were your clues
I can't repent for everything I have done to all of you….