"The cost of living is growing all the time" Mr. Collins, our World Studies teacher; was saying. "So, if if you want to get good jobs, you have to get into good Universities , and do good in school."

'Jobs, school, marks... Bleh.' I thought. Sure school is boring, but I want to get into a good University. I am not quite sure what I want to be; probably something like a guidance counselor or or biology teacher. I love science. I ace all my tests and porojects, easily!

My friend, Shiori, on the other hand, hates schience, and all of those subjects that you need to pay attention for. She likes Art, Creative Writing and Music.

"Hey, Yori," I whispered.

"Yeah?" Shiori replied.

"I need a job,"

Shiori started blankly as she prepared to listen.

"You work, Mena works, Catty works..."

"Mena gets payed to walk dogs." Shiori interrupted. "It's barely a job."

We both laughed.

"Well, Catty..." Catrina is a very nice girl; probably one of the nicest, most caring grade nine girls I know. Honestly. She spends her MOnday afternoons and weekends taking care of old people at a nursing home, with small pay and pretty good tips.

"Catty is an angel..." Yori said, sounding dazed. All of my friends have jobs except me. Shiori babysits, and loves kids. I, on the other hand, find children irritating. I have a three year old sister, Karen, who is so cute, but so annoying. I just don't know what kind of job would be good for a person like me.