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Shiori came a few minutes after our instant message conversation, and we went right away. The whole Birchtree Lodge thing went great - I got the job! I just had a little interview with the manager and she liked me! She told me to meet her in the Main Lodge on Monday so we -more like she- could decide what I had to clean first. (Grr...) Since it was my first day on the job, I had to clean this tiny little cabin where one family would stay. Too bad I couldn't clean one of the rooms inside the lodge, because those cabins are nasty! They are so dirty and small. Kind of like my bedroom... Just kidding! (Well, not really.) Yeah, there are five cabins. On Monday I cleaned Cabin Three. I still had to do a bit more work Tuesday. - That place was a disaster! I heard that a bunch of teens spent the weekend there and had a crazy party. Geez, now it's all my mess to clean up. Thanks a lot.

On Tuesday I rushed home after school with half an hour to get ready for my second day on the job. The Lodge supplied all the cleaning supplies, but I needed to work on my homework. Dianna, the manager, asked me to stay later. She said it could be pretty late (like eleven). My mom wasn't too happy.

"Well, it is a school night, Kay. And, when are you going to get your homework done?"

"During our supper break. We get half an hour at six to eat supper, etc." I said. "Aaaannndd, I get two extra hours - I get thirty extra dollars! Come on, mom!"

"Hmm... Sounds, reasonable." My mom said in that "I'm thinking about it..." sort of tone.

"Come ONNNN!" I said. "You can pick me up, if that makes you more comfotrable. Wouldn't want me walkin' home alone, would you?" I smirked. Hehehehehe!

"Fine. Eleven sharp, I'll be there. Okay hun?" Mom gave me a kiss on the cheek - eek!

I finished up Cabin Three quite fast, and whenh I did, I was quickly assigned to Cabin Four. Ugh. Dianna is starting to irritate me.

Before I could get a start on Cabin Four, it was already eleven: I had to go! Mom was waiting. I quickly ran into the Lodge to put away the supplies and say a fast "Bye" to Dianne. Then I ran out to the car.

"Hey mom!"

"Hey hun, how was the night?"

"Fun!" I said, sarcastically. "I'm so fricken tired."