The moon's sad face is shadowed,

Obscured by unbreakable dark.

I know her heart is fragile,

The silver face a work of art.

The sun's rays grace the other side,

Gleaming tear-straked alabaster.

I know why she's so depressed—

I know what she is after.

The sun shines only on one side,

Not truly gazing her way.

She wonders if it's just as well.

She wouldn't know what to say.

But she knows she'd be happy—

For once, she would be full.

Not just the glass half-empty,

But for once, she would be whole.

She would be real for once,

But now I see a half-moon,

Standing lonely in the sky,

Night sharing in her gloom.

Why are you hiding from me?

Just look in my direction.

I'm only half a person,

Without your full attention.