Chapter one

Green leaves swayed across the ground, pink flowers danced in the moonlight. A lone figure sat within the shadow of an ancient tree, a tree that had been there since the beginning of time and all times before. Coal black hair fell to its shoulders with its entire figure clothed in swathling black. Sometimes even seeming to be part of the shadow itself, if it were not for its eyes gleaming in the night behind its black mask. A long black sword was belted at its waist ready to be drawn in half a second's time. Unmoving, yet moving as slow as a snail, yet as fast as a horse galloping in the wind.

Another figure appeared from the vicinity of the tree, looking the exact opposite of the black figure. Brown wild hair whipping in the wind surrounded her face, a beacon of light. Clothed in a dress of wild blues, greens and any other color possible. Overtop of it all a cape of dark green resided. Her eyes danced with laughter and she lookd about the age of 17 or 18, while the black figure looked like he was old, so very old.

"Who are you? And what is your business here?" ventured the girl with a voice as clear as a bell at dawn as she stood there as steady as the tree itself.

The black figure grunted, but he did not move, seeming as if he was waiting for the right time to strike.

The girl stood her ground also and only the whistling of the wind could be heard as silence stretched like minutes, like hours, like days, like years, like centuries and like eternity itself.

"I have come to see the guardian of the Tree of Eternity," announced the black figure after eternity itself had ended.

"The guardian, I see. What have you come to see the guardian for?" retorted the girl with an air of authority.

The man just stared off into space, as if he had not even heard, not bothering to even utter a word.

"The guardian doesn't have time to talk to you right now so you can just go the way you came back. Farewell." huffed the girl as turned on her heel and swooped out of the clearing her cape billowing behind her. How rude!

"May I ask where the guardian might be?" quickly asked the man, knowing that he had angered this girl, whoever she was.

Laughter rang in the woods like a spring breeze. "You just saw the guardian, did you not?" a voice rang out.

The man did not show any emotions, but thoughts whirled in his head. That was the guardian? It CAN'T be! Even I'm older than her and I can probably beat her in anything. How can she protect the most sacred symbol, she is no more fit to protect the tree than a squirrel is fit to be king. And where did she go now, I cannot even fulfill the first step of my quest, how could I fulfill the rest? I need to learn the origin of the tree! SPIRITS HELP ME!

He knelt down and took off his mask and it could be seen that this man wasn't who he was all made out to be, he was just 20 some years old. The air around him though had given off a chilling effect of being an older wiser man. He stayed there for hours just lost in his thoughts, and his soul lost from time.

"I see you're still here. I thought you would've left by now. Where were we?"

The man looked up and saw the girl. "I thought you left. Why are you still here?"

"Oh, I was just curious if you were still here. And of course what you look like. You know, you are sort of cute," replied the girl with a mischievous glow in her eyes. "Now what do you want from the guardian of the Tree of Eternity?"

The black-clothed stranger then remembered that he had taken his mask off. "Shit!" He moved to put his mask back on, but it was quickly snatched out of his hands. Surprised he quickly looked up and saw 'the guardian' toying with his mask.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. You can't even hold on to your stuff properly. And what's the use of covering your face when I've already seen it? Back to business. What are you here for? You haven't answered me yet you know. Anyhow tell me your name. That way it'll be easier for me."

He sighed, "You are one nosy girl."

"Well, you forgot something, I'm not only a girl, I'm also the guardian of the Tree, so spit it out! You're getting really tedious and I'm getting really annoyed"

"My name is Levere Sathos and…"

"Your name means wandering wolf. My name is Vera Lesar. Do you know its meaning?"

"Don't interrupt people when they're talking, it's very weird" Shoot. He thought to himself. He had barely been able to keep the calm in his voice.

"Well, that's because you're a gentleman and I'm an impatient guardian, you ok with that?"

"Fine. End of Conversation."

"Ok, whatever you say. But wait! Guess what my name means first!"

"Nosy Little Girl?"

"NO, it's Tree Guardian. Isn't that obvious enough? It's like I'm the guardian of the tree so my name might as well mean tree guardian right?"

"Ok, whatev. My goal by coming here is to ask the origin of the tree."

A weird look passed over Vera. Suddenly this animated girl had become unbelievably serious. "This tree has no origin," replied Vera, her voice cold as ice.

"This is not a joking matter."

"I'm not joking." Her eyes had become piercing daggers. "This tree has no origin. It was the beginning for everything. It is just here and it will stand here forever. For without it, nothing - can - live." She emphasized the last three words again," Nothing- can- live."

"How can that be, it's just a tree."

"It's not an ordinary tree. This tree provides all the fruit and water of the world. She made the spirits and the people. She made the animals and birds. She made everything, in that way no one can live without her for only she can provide protection for all."

"What are you talking about?! It's just an ordinary tree!" Levere's true nature was getting the best of him. He was truly getting angry with all this nonsense.

"She isn't. Her roots stretch everywhere on this planet. She is the mother of us all, no matter who we are. Her roots are everywhere so she can take care of us wherever we go. I'm the guardian of the tree and I'm here to make sure no harm comes to her."

"Ok, no offense. I don't think you are able to do that job."

"Well, that's the way it is. Leave now. Since I've answered your question whether you believe me or not."

"I have one more question then."

"What is it?"

"Well, how did you become the guardian?" asked Levere, his eyes glittering with anticipation.

"You don't need to know that. All you need to know is that I'm the guardian."

"How did you become guardian? I'm not going to leave until you tell me."

"You'll learn with time, now I want to know why you want to know the origin of the tree of eternity. What evil plot are you planning or what are you trying to do, concerning the tree? I have a right to know."

Levere sighed, "It's nothing in the real world, just the foolish mind of a youngster trying to do something impossible." And suddenly it seemed like the air was filled with something musty, something ages old.

"Don't worry. We'll help you, whatever you're trying to do, but you have to tell us before we can help you."

"We? I thought it was just you."

"No, you see…"

Then a voice exploded from deeper within the forest, "Vera! Where are you?"

Vera laughed silently as if it was a joke, but the panic in her voice was evident.

"I'm over here, Shinto." A man came rushing into the clearing. His clothes were loose, but well-fitted. He was about 22, yet he wore the same colours as Vera, his eyes were the blues of the sky on a stormy day and his brown hair was the musty colour of tree bark. Levere's face turned ashen as he looked on.

"Vera, where did you go? I was looking all over for you. Don't do that ever again."

"But, Shinto…you know I love exploring and anyways I never know where I'm going next anyways. And didn't you find me here this time? I'll probably be here again."

"Vera," Shinto said in a very serious voice, "Stop all this nonsense, next time you go somewhere you have to tell me."

"But, Shinto," whined Vera, "You should know me by now, can't you just let me go this once?

Suddenly, Shinto saw Levere kneeling there in the shadows, disguised among the darkness. Shinto's eyes narrowed and he exploded, "Who are you?!"