Take what you want from me I won't let you keep me down like this forever.

Chapter 1: Him kissing Her

Life sucks when you know you can't have the person you love anymore. No matter how hard you try, they won't take you back. You don't even have to do anything they fall out of love with you. Or in more logical terms, they cheat on you and you can't do anything about it. Well this happened to me. His name: Evan. I'm Kathy Nielsen I'm not bad looking don't get me wrong. I have brown-layered hair and blonde highlights and deep blue eyes that you can just melt into, so I'm told. I'm in my junior year at West Virginia University. I'm originally from Virginia though. But anyways I just can't find a guy that's right for me. Evan broke my heart last year. Another girl. Rebecca Lynch. She's the type of girl who most girls wish they were. Pretty, popular, on the cheerleading team. Notice I said "most" girls. She's totally opposite of me. I'm the popular type girl who listens to heavy metal and hate girls like her. Yeah I'm the punk. The Goth. Whatever you call it. She's the prep etc. The thing that bothers me the most is Evan and Rebecca have NOTHING in common and I mean NOTHING. Maybe its true that opposite attracts. I'm going to stop rambling cause I know you're dying to know how it happened. Well here's my life story. How the guy breaks my heart and will I ever get another one? Who knows?

It was Friday and I was in my silver mustang driving to the school to go to the football game. I pulled into the parking lot and I could see the lights from the field. It was around 9:00pm and it was dark. I turned off the engine and got out of the car. I walk slowly to the stadium and walked in, I have connects with the usher. I hear people screaming "GO MOUNTAINEERS!" and I stand by one of the exit hallways as I see Evan jumping up and down in the crowd, his chest painted blue and gold and him and his buddies jumped on each other as one of the players runs the winning touch down. The huge crowd cheered. The people in the crowd started to leave as I tried to get to Evan, but I couldn't it was too packed. Evan was walking towards the concessions stands for some food probably. I watched him. He was so gorgeous and he was mine. He was really muscular and had short brown hair. As I watched him a group of people grabbed his arm and pulled him off. Obviously some of his friends who didn't hang out with me. I watched him as he laughed with them. I walked towards him. Just as I was about to shout his name I saw him kissing her. A look of disgust went on my face as I felt tears streaming down my face. He looked up and saw me and pushed her off him and fought his way through the crowd of his friends. I started pushing through the crowd violently and finally made it out of the stadium and ran back to my car. I was crying hard by then. I got into my car and I saw him running towards me. I started the engine. He put his hands on the hood of the car to stop me from going. The headlight lights showed his face that he was really scared. I turned off the engine. He ran over to the window and knocked on it. I had my hands on the steering wheel and my head was dropped low. I rolled the window down slightly.

"Kathy…" he started. "Kathy it was nothing. I swear."

"It didn't look like nothing! You looked like you were enjoying it! You hand was on her ass for god sakes! Was that Rebecca Lynch?!" I said staring him straight in the face, the tears streaming down my face my mascara was probably all around my face too.

"Yeah, It was… Kathy I'm so sorry"

"Rebecca. For how long?" I said sniffing. It took him a while to answer like he was wondering if he should say or not. He was looking me in the eyes and had a deep concern look on his face.

"Five months"

I rolled the window up and turned the engine back on. Fury was across my face. All I wanted to do was run him over.

"Kathy! WAIT!" he says running after the car as I drive out of the parking lot. I was crying really hard. Evan and I had been going out for a year. We has totally understood each other and loved each other. So I thought. I had my first kiss with him; I lost my virginity to him. We had shared so many important things together. I went to my dorm. I tried to clean up my face in the car. I wiped all the streaming mascara off, but my face was still red. I walked in and went to my room.

I opened the door to find my roommate Jessica asleep. Jessica Iero was my best friend. We have known each other our whole lives. She was like my sister practically. People even say we look alike. She has darker hair, brown with black and blonde highlights. She's the loner type that gets all the guys. She doesn't like friends but gets random HOTT guys hitting on her. She has a bunch of numbers but doesn't seem to use them. She's still in love with her ex, Josh. It's not the bad type of ex. He had to move and they didn't want a long distance relationship. It was finally the guy that was for her but he had to leave. I changed into my pajamas and laid down on my uncomfortable twin sized bed that was shoved into a corner. I was sniffing and crying still. I started to mumble a little.

"Kath what's wrong?" she said waking from her sleep.

"I… I… I broke up with Evan"

She sat up quickly "Why?! You guys were so perfect! You retard! WHY?"

"He was cheating on me. With Rebecca Lynch"

"Rebecca… isn't she that preppy hoe girl on the cheerleading team?"


"Oh my God Kathy I'm so sorry." She stood up and walked over to my bed and sat down on the edge and pulled me up to her and hugged me. I sobbed on her shoulder and she comforted me. She pulled us apart and looked at me with sorrowful eyes.

"Kath its gunna be okay. Just get some sleep alright?"

I nodded and laid my head on my pillow.


I slept in really late the next day. When I woke there was a note on my dresser saying:

"Hey finally awake eh? Okay well a bunch of us are at a tailgating party. Yeah I know its SO high school but hey my friend Paul is gunna be there and he told me he's bringing a friend along too. I think his name was Sonny. I'm gunna hook you and Paul up bitch! So call me when you read this so you can come!



I glanced at the clock. It was 4:30. Whoa. I stood and grabbed the phone and dialed the number.

"Hey" I said sleepily.

"HEY!" Jess shouted over the phone. "Shut up its Kathy!" I heard her scream at the people around her. "You coming?"

"Yeah where?"

"We're at the park. By the pavilion and Paul is on the slide!" She said bursting into hysterics.

"Okay I'll be there in a minute," I said laughing.

I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My mascara was dried onto my cheeks in streaks. My hair was greasy and messy and my clothes were wrinkled terribly.

"God I look like a whore.." I mumbled to myself as I stripped down and stepped into the shower. The hot water hit my face and woke me up as I washed myself. Minutes later I was drying off and drying my hair and straightening it. I put on some eyeliner and mascara and looked myself over. Black shoulderless long sleeved shirt, jeans with a hole in the knee and a white studded belt and my checkerboard vans. I was satisfied and walked out the door. I got down to my car and got in and drove ten minutes to the park. The whole time in the car I was thinking about Evan. I tried so hard not to cry. I didn't. I forced myself to sing along to The Used. I pulled into the park and started scanning for a group of college punk kids. Then I spotted them. Of course. Making total asses of themselves, playing on the playground equipment. John, my friend since high school was on one of those horses that rock back a forth and some other guy with long blondish brown hair pulled into a ponytail was doing it with him. I parked my car and got out of the car and walked over to them. A bunch of them shouted, "HEY KATHY!" and I smiled and waved. I walked up beside Jess and she handed me a beer.

"Glad to see you made it!" she grinned.


"Kathy this is Sonny, Paul's friend" she said motioning to a really hot guy in a Bleeding Through t-shirt and long black hair.

"Hey" he said waving.

"Speaking of, has anyone seen Paul?" Jess asked the group.

"Yeah I'm right here" said a voice from behind. I turned around and it was the guy who was riding the horse. I about passed out. He was the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen. He had long blondish-brown hair pulled into a ponytail and had black-rimmed glasses and he had his shirt off. Yes he had his shirt off. He had a six-pack from what I could tell. He was wearing black skater shorts with a white studded belt. Paul jogged over and gave Jess a big hug.

"Paul, this is my best friend Kathy. The one I won't shut up about"

"Oh god what has she told you?" I said laughing.

"Oh its nothing bad. Except when you two went streaking down main street and got arrested" he said laughing.

"OH MY GOD JESS! That is such a lie!" I shouted. He laughed and shook my hand. We turned on the radio and Paul and I started talking. We had an attraction to each other both physically and mentally. We stayed there for about an hour and drank and laughed. I got drunk. So did Jess. Paul offered us a ride home so we accepted. Jess passed out in the car. Sonny was driving my car to the dorm and we were in Paul's car.

"Is this where you guys live Kathy?" He said pointing to my house.

"Yeah" I said drunkly.

"Do you want me to walk you guys in?"


He got out of the car and opened my door for me and helped me out. I saw Sonny park my car and jog over to Paul's car. He picked up the passed out Jess in his arms and started walking towards the door. Paul slung his arm around me shoulder and walked me to the dorm entrance. We went up the elevator and onto my level. We walked down the hallway and opened my door room. Paul unmade the bed for me and helped me in it and pulled the sheets over me.

"Goodnight Kathy" he said sweetly kissing my hand.

"Night Paul" I said snuggling into my blankets. He smiled and left.