A/N: I'm suffering terribly with Writer's Block at the moment and due me suddenly starting sixth form/college it makes it even harder for me to actually start writing agian. And thus, this is what came out of a long a gruelling hour of free time earlier today, in a rather failing attempt to bring myself back into touch with my muse. This was slightly inspired by a certain male - and Cookie was awfully nice to help me think up the title.

Double Existence

The chatters of the passers-by

The bustling of the halls

The way that the walls echo

With every step

And you don't notice me at all

There's a first time for everything

And first impressions are the

Most important

But even though our eyes linger

Following every curve

You seem to stare right through me

Even when there's only the two of us

Left behind like outcasts

In search

Of something that we cannot find

You're gaze never seems to last

And when you look at me like that

Nothing else seems to matter

There's just the two of us

Me watching with longing eyes

And you forgetting that I

Even exist.