The pain I feel has agonized me long.

I yearn to find a way to get to you.

I thought the time alone would make me strong,

But time has turned me foolish through-and-through.

I thought I heard your voice cry in the night.

I leapt to find you, but you were not there.

The chills I felt have driven me to fright.

I thought I felt your fingers in my hair.

I try my best to purge you from my mind,

But I guess you do not like to be ignored.

I hate you for the way you make me pine.

My love chases the hatred out the door.

But in this dungeon, still I want to stay.

I'm not sure why—I wish you'd go away.

This was either my first or second Shakespearean sonnet. I like the wayShakespeare's sound, but I'm not sure if I like my own sonnets. Review and tell me? Pretty please?