The Balance

"A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom."

- Chinese proverb -

He had sharp, almost gaunt features. Dark green eyes peered out under impossibly long lashes. His frame was thin, yet stretched to the point of breaking. He had nothing, nobody. Except her. She was infinitely soft. Bright eyes, red lips, flowing hair. Breathtaking. Her tinkling laugh was only heard by him. Until the Beast came.

A womanizer. He knew it, she knew it everyone knew it. But the Beast was determined to have her. Her charmed her, waited on her, kissed her, held her, all under the fa?ade of love. But he knew better. His dark eyes with barely concealed hate stared at them, walking, talking, laughing. The beast was wary of him, the dark one. But he would never do anything to even remotely harm her. He tried to tell her. She ran away, tears flowing freely, wondering how her only support could hurt her so. And so it went on, the doubting, the tension.

Heat, passion, cheat, lies. That¡¯s what it all was. A lie. Caught in a forbidden embrace, the Beast couldn¡¯t help but laugh at her na?vet¨¦. She ran to her only trust, her only family and told her of the Beast¡¯s horridness, of his cheating. His thin lips pulled into a grim line.

Minutes later. Yelling, growling, hate. He towered above the Beast, dagger drawn, snarling. The Beast tried to keep the flickers of fear out of his face and words. But he was shaking. With one smooth thrust, the Beast had fallen, and the red blossom of blood spread over his chest.

He extended an arm towards her, eyes telling her to go with him. Moments passed. She slowly, agonizingly slid her hand into his, all the while looking into his dark eyes. His hand, all angles, and her fingers, curvy, met with a sharp prick of an emotion neither knew the name of. It was the safety, the understanding, and the trust.

He was Thorn, and she was Rose.

A/N: Hehe, I am totally in love with the style and theme of this short story, but I sorta don't like the plot. But I think this is a pretty cool one-shot. Of course it's like my first one-shot. But PLEASE read and review because I would absolutely LOVE feedback.