September 13, 2005

I've looked at you so many times

quickly looking away every time

because I never want to see you who truly are

I know you only want to use

throw me away after you've broken and used me

You'll never love me because all you do is destroy me

and if I loved me there'd be no me deep into you

Looking into your eyes I know you'll never understand

the pain you've caused me to cause myself

or the tears that hurt me at all times of the night

I'm not asking that you feel bad

or love me just because I've been hurt

I'm just asking that you let me go

because I've been through enough feeling for you

You may as well hate for the things you do

it's all the things that you say to me

it's like all you want me for is to ride your dick

But the reality of things is it's not just about you

I have to face me, fix me, make and love me

and stop depending on the love of someone else

Either way, it doesn't matter

I care for you and I forgive you

just as well as I forgive myself

because I can't go on hating who I am

I can't believe I'm finally doing this

I'm letting go of my past and of you

I'll miss you

and I'll grow from being used by you