The Star Chronicles

Volume 1: The Elements


Trickles of sweat fell in tiny beads down his chiseled face soaking his torn neckline. The scars on his body revealed the memories of Kaira's Rage, the longest and most deadly war in universal history. His rugged sunburned skin brought back terrible thoughts into mind from the Centauri Desert. The blood, the screams, the sight of innocent people being impaled and decapitated haunted him to this day.

His body shivered as he stood in front of Lady Kaira, the new queen of the Vixonians. His already shredded black Hexai uniform was practically ready to fall off. The metals and badges the used to glisten and gleam in their day were now only rusty pieces of mangled platinum. His hair shined with perspiration, as he stood there, silent and motionless. In his hand he carried a serpent necklace. Its body, eyes sparkling with diamond, was wrapped around a smooth jade stone. But this would also vanish, appearing decades later on the neck of a future hero.

The shiny white marble floor reflects the man's body. A giant throne, covered with the finest fabric, sat near the waterfall and pool. Glowing gems were encrusted in the rims and the arms making it look like God's mighty chair in heaven. All types of jungle plants surrounded the throne and the pool, some emitting a fresh odor while others sprayed you with deadly acid.

Lady Kaira sat stern and distinguished in her titanic chair. Her silk made dress with exquisite design and beautiful black hair made her look like a Chinese Empress. He father was known as the past King Alexi Eldon Shimara, ruler of the planets Vixonia, Zatterack Prime, and Belison. He had conquered many of the planets in the Tolkhem Galaxy and near King Darien's empire.

Her mother was Adonia Elise Martenacyama also known as the beautiful Medusa since she kept so many snakes in father's kingdom. She had grown up as the daughter of the most powerful man in the Gordien Galaxy.

Lady Kaira had grown up in royalty and wealth. She experienced the finest of everything but had a slight problem. Her eyes held an amazing power. She could heal the sick and look into people's deepest thoughts. Unfortunately she was also stupid and got into a fight with one of test aliens in the lab. The doctors had to repair her brain and skull from the major injuries. From that day on many people in the kingdom died. Her powers did not bring health and happiness but death.

King Alexi took pride in this and used his daughter's powers to punish criminals. He displayed their mutilated bodies in the prison in each and every cell. Almost all of the offenders were punished and their bodies were all put in the hospital museum for experiments. Only the worst criminals were put in the cells.

Soldiers were lined up now carrying their guns and knives. Almost all of the palace's workers were present.

"We are here today to witness the prosecution of Ronan, the so called people's hero…"

"My name is Diablo!"

"I don't care what your stupid name is. You're going to die anyway. As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by this smelly maggot we are here to punish an evil man. He murdered my father, cost our kingdom billions and ruined the lives of every citizen in this galaxy. I knew this man at one time. Little did I know he was going to turn around and kill my father and soon kill me too!"

"You freak! Kill him now!" one angry voice yelled.

"Kill the murderer! Make him pay!" another yelled.

Lady Kaira took pride in the audiences' response and grinned.

"Please calm down. We don't have to go down to Ronan's level, do we? I have his death arranged."

She gazed out at the attentive people. Her eyes fixed on Ronan.

"You have ten minutes to live Ronan. My people! His body shall be on display in the mausoleum. To see it you will have to pay one hundred diamonds all flawless in each and every way."

The crowd cheered as Ronan was pulled away into the little room.

Ten minutes later a gurgling bloody scream rang throughout the palace.

He falls not fearing death, the soldiers, or Lady Kaira. He falls with dignity, courage, and faith knowing that someone will learn the truth sooner or later. His secrets and lies will be opened to some confused warrior that will overthrow Lady Kaira's empire. In this story, in this world, in this dimension, his legacy will live on. His revelation shall be heard for centuries to come.