Chapter 1

The cold artic wind combed through her long black hair as she stood. The icy waters crashed into the rocks below sending up a light mist to her face. Lightening could be seen in the distance striking its victims down one by one.

Her flowing hair whipped through the freezing air, as she remained standing on the edge of the cliff. The hems of her white dress had collected dirt and dust as she had traveled up there. Her mind remained clear and sane as the lightening moved closer. Darkness also followed.

"To my love, Neo. I will avenge your death. No matter how battered I am after this I will always love you. I won't give up. I can't give up. I never give up," the young woman whispered, her soft echoes disappearing into the sea.

Suddenly a powerful force almost knocked the girl over. Death. The smell of it was everywhere, surrounding her in a suffocating cauldron of evil. She had feared this moment. But her only purpose on that world was to kill the evil that took her darling Neo's life.

"Aalia…" a horse voice whispered. Aalia kept staring out to the horizon. A dark figure erupted from the clouds and emerged right in front of the girl's face. It was another woman with eyes of dark red and a heart of pure stone.

"Aalia. We meet again. Just had to come to avenge your lover's death," the woman growled.

"Where there is war there is peace. But is this case. There will never be peace," Aalia replied as she raised her arms. Her body started to glow in a luminous light. Little bolts of energy circled around her hands. The orb glistened in the sea mist as Aalia brought her hands back down to her.

"This is for you Neo," she screamed as energy started to build up. "Now your going to die Kiara!"

The silver light of electricity shot from her hands right into Kiara's heart. Black blood covered her body from head to toe as she fell in a heap on the cold wet ground.

Aalia stared intently at the body for hours till sunrise. She wanted to make sure the woman was completely dead.

"For you Neo," she whispered as she walked over to the body.

Kaira's eyes had changed to silver and her body had gone translucent. You could see the capillaries and veins connecting throughout her body.

Aalia leaned over Kaira. She could see the point where the spear entered her body. She spit on Kaira's face and headed back to the cliff. Her mission was completed. Her mind and heart had been fulfilled.

Suddenly a sharp pain stabbed her in the back. Aalia stared in disbelief as she turned around. Kaira was supposedly not dead and had arisen with a sharp blade in hand. The tip protruded out of Aalia's stomach. She gazed in horror.

"My wrath shall be felt throughout the universe. Good-bye foolish child. Enjoy the sharp rocks. And don't forget your swimsuit," Kaira laughed as she pushed Aalia off the cliff.

Her lifeless body fell into an endless oblivion. Her mind went completely blank surrounded again by darkness. Her hopes and dreams had vanished but her love for her Neo would last for eternity.