The harvest moon rises large
And golden in my night sky -
But not yet in yours.
The stars twinkle coldly
All the way to infinity.
And I feel small.

The moon jogs my memories
Of you blowing kisses
At empty skies -
Wordless goodbyes
And whispered goodnights.
And yearnings for love

To exist in reality -
Promised, but barely fulfilled -
And of the lonely waiting for sleep
That sometimes refuses to come
Until the moon vanishes
And the grey dawn breaks.

And as the tired day starts again,
You look in the mirror.
Reflecting back the pain and the joys
And the beauties of life
Which you never knew existed.
The truth behind your eyes.

Your moon is rising slowly now
As mine starts to set.
But the memories remain safe
In my heart - always. Indelible.
And I know you blow kisses
At my moon.

A/N: It's far too long since I wrote anything ... and I know I'm out of practice. The feeling is there though.