8:30 PM, Sunday the 17th of October

It was over. The sun, the now-blinding orb in the sky had risen, its rays peeking over the edge of the woods as I was enveloped in his arms. I was taken…somewhere. I heard the clunk of a shutting coffin, and then darkness.

My name is Aubrie Brown, and I am now a fledgling vampire(ss?). I have been since two nights ago. I have begun this documentation, okay, fine, it's a diary, to anger my maker, and to recount my first year of darkness. Sounds wonderfully creepy, right?

When I was alive, only two short days ago, an eternity it seems, though, I had aspired to be an author. Old habits die hard, I suppose. There is a story out of every life (un-life?) and this is mine.

So, two nights ago when…well, actually, stories are supposed to start with a description of the main character, aren't they? Fine, but I must say that I really have no idea how to describe myself. I'm giggling internally as I try to create a glamorous image to awe you…like the glamorous characters in romance novels everywhere. No, I guess I'd better tell the truth. It's not as bad as I'm making it sound, although being a vampire has really improved my complexion. Two days blemish-free, hooray! Alright, I'll continue this stupid narrative.

Undead at fifteen and a half. I'm slim, average height (about 5'6"), and of athletic build. I used to describe myself as having facial acne, but thankfully vampirism has cured me of that. One of the few upsides of this. My hair is that shade of red-brown known as auburn and my eyes are golden brown (I'm calling it amber). Now that I'm a vampiress, my eyes do seem to be like cognac-colored gemstones, glittering with intelligent clarity. My hair is to remain shoulder-length forever, oh crap! It wasn't really the right cut for my heart-shaped face. There is a slight smattering of freckles across the bridge of my nose, and cheeks, which seems so much more visible against the pale skin of my face. Already, I've faded from my summer tan to the milky complexion typical of vampires in movies.

My personality? You shouldn't have asked. You see, now is the part where you start to hate the heroine. I'm stubborn and sarcastic, I don't really pretend to care or hear what authority figures say to me. I see my world in two different hues, cynical and humorous. I do believe that I have the creative spark necessary for life (unlife) as an author, but I am the Mark Twain of my generation, too outspokenly satirical to be shunned. I suppose that was why the friends I had were superficial and supercilious, and I hid behind the same superficial mask so I wouldn't be shunned. Maybe if I take off the mask, He won't want me anymore. I could only hope.

There. The complete description of Aubrie the vampire (not quite as nice of a ring as Lestat, but it will do.) Can a vampire get carpal tunnel syndrome? My wrist is already starting to hurt from writing this. I'm getting hungry now, too. Ah yes, this is the famed bloodlust of vampire lore. It isn't quite as interesting as it sounds, it's really no different than a craving for pizza, or K.F.C., or the oh-so-sinful McDonald's Quarter-pounder, except for the fact that it's blood I crave, not a hamburger. Human blood.

Drat! He is calling me. It's time for my first blood hunt.