11:23 PM, Wednesday the 27th of October

We got the costumes. Maddox wasn't too pleased, but he seemed rather turned on when I tried on the short, black, frilly confection that was my costume. The wings are so small, but they have to be. Maddox's wings were huge! So now he is a sexy vampire angel.

We rented pretty good movies and Blockbuster; "Cannonball Run", and "The Sweetest Thing". The latter almost makes me pee I laugh so hard and the former is just a classic. Before I watch, though, I still have some questions to ask my sex god. Excuse me…

11:34 PM, Wednesday the 27th of October

I'm not sure what his problem was. Somehow asking about Maddox's past got me locked in the bedroom. Damn it.

I went out there and started asking questions like his favorite color (blue), his favorite movie (doesn't watch movies much), where he grew up (Italy). It was somewhere around "have you created any other fledglings?", that he glared at me, stood up, and dragged me (protesting all the way) into here. He slammed the door shut and went back to the living room area and now he won't talk to me.

Analyzing the situation, I would have to say that whatever fledgling(s) he created have betrayed him. I would never try to betray him. Oh shit, I hope that he doesn't find out about the kid kissing me last night. I really am starting to care for Maddox, whether I know stuff about him or not. You can still like a person without knowing them. You can love them blindly. It's better to love someone blindly than not at all.

Maddox is unlocking the door. I think I'll put this away. He tends to get pissed when I write and with him in an irritable mood as it is…

12:04 AM, Thursday the 28th of October

Grr, fine. He just pisses the hell out of me and makes me talk like a crappy soap opera actress. Here's how the conversation went.

He leaned against the doorway looking as suave as he did the night I first met him at the party. His arms were crossed across his broad chest, which was slightly exposed by the shirt that he was wearing. I gulped and looked up at him as if I had been just sitting the entire twenty minutes I was in there.

"Look, Aubrie, I shouldn't have snapped and locked you in here. It was wrong of me." He spoke quietly, like he was only apologizing to assuage his own guilt rather than make me feel better. Something in me snapped and I stood up abruptly, causing the bed to squeak uneasily from the violent movement. My hands went to my hips and my eyes sparkled with intense anger.

"Damn right it was wrong of you! You and your stupid fucking temperament."

"Don't talk to me about my fucking temperament." He roared, advancing. I shrank back momentarily, but regained my strength and pulled my self to my full height, raising my chin up in defiance.

"I can say whatever I want." I retaliated, then paused and in lieu of a better insult screamed, "Stupid head! Is it so wrong to want to know about my BOYFRIEND?"

He was too angry to listen to a word that I said at this point, and just raged on, "You don't know anything about me!"

"That's exactly what I said, you imbecile! I want to know you. Not when you're acting like Mr. Anger Management, though. That's for sure. I don't see why you have such a problem with me knowing. You're the one that made me your damn fledgling…and girlfriend."

"Damned fledgling you are! Spend the rest of the night in here, for all I care. Should do you some good." He muttered, gray eyes stormy.

"Oh, what the fuck do you know?" I snapped. I folded my arms across my chest in protest, but stopped when he actually started to close the door and rushed forward, trying to get my foot in the door so that he didn't close it all the way. I was too slow and the door slammed right in my face, nearly chopping off my nose as it banged shut. The lock clicked shut.

"Centuries more than you!" he retorted from the other side of the door, his voice muffled.

"That sounded really childish; I hope you know that." I informed him in a sing-song voice, leaning back against the door, pouting and slumping to the floor.

"Shut up, Aubrie. You're the baby." He returned crossly. I heard him pull out his pack of cigarettes and flick open his lighter. I heard the flare of one catching fire and in my mind I pictured him standing and scowling irresistibly as he took a long drag. I shook my head to clear the image and focused on my anger from the latest insult.

"And that was worse!" I responded waspishly. He unlocked the door to glare at me, his slate eyes narrowed in anger, and then slammed it shut again. He locked it again. "Touchy, touchy. I just want to know you! Why the hell do you get so closed off when I ask?"

His next words were muffled even more so, I could tell that he had moved further from the door. "You don't need to know."

"Idiot!" I screamed. He was already to far away to hear me and didn't respond. "I hate your stinking guts."

BASTARD! I screamed in my mind, hoping that the Mind Speak would carry the message through. Whether he heard me or not I don't know because he still didn't respond.

I don't hate his guts or any other part of him. I like every part of him. Even his stupid temper. That was the first time he ever exploded over anything. Oh crap, what if he wants to break up with me? That's a frightening thought. I have nowhere else to go and no one left in this world. I'm so close to home and yet so estranged from it, ostracized by what makes me strong.

I won't let him break up with me! He was the one stupidly attracted to me enough to bite the life out o me in the first place. He was the one who decided to make me his girlfriend and fledgling for the rest of frigging eternity. I'm NOT leaving.

I need a plan of action.

The door's going down. It's the only way. It sounds crazy. I've never broken a door down before, but I am not spending three hours on my hands and knees searching for a paperclip in some obscure corner of the damn bedroom so that I can pick the lock. Fuck no. I tend to use the F-word when I'm pissed, eh? Well, here goes. Wish me luck. Write on the other side? Charge!

1:23 AM, Thursday the 28th of October

In retrospect, I suppose that it wasn't the most brilliant of my ideas. My preternatural abilities enabled me to kick down the door easily in one attempt, but now my ankle hurts like shit (another B.S. expression that I should stop using). Stupid slow healing abilities. Then again, that could be a benefit, if you know what I mean. Continuing my earlier train of thought, breaking down the door in an angry and determined huff could have turned out very badly. Maddox could have been angry still and bitten my head off (not sure whether I'm joking here or not).

Luckily, he wasn't. He had cooled down quite a bit by the time that I barged out and demanded that he forgive me and stop being such a head case.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not quite ready to share the intimate details of my past yet. We only just met eleven days ago. Okay, sweeting?" He chuckled calmly. I had leapt onto his lap after barging over the destroyed bits of wood; the remnants of the bedroom door, straddling him to prevent his escape from my barrage of determination.

"Yes. No. Yes. No. Stop confusing me!" I exploded, and then sighed, pausing to look into his sharp grey eyes. "Has it only been that long?"

"Yeah, Aubrie." He smirked. I slapped him gently on the cheek.

"Then explain it next time! Don't just lock me into the bedroom!"

"Can I lock you into the bedroom anyways, sweeting?' he suggested. I realized that I had placed myself in a rather promiscuous position on his lap. Before I could react, he slid his hands around to squeeze my ass. I lurched forward in surprise and he intercepted the movement with a kiss.

"Oh baby, my ankle hurts from kicking the door down." I murmured once our lips broke free, deciding that it was smarter to act helpless then to get him angry again by smacking him upside his big dumb sexy head.

"You're paying for that door." He muttered gruffly, but shifted me so that he could examine my sock-covered ankle better.

"The what?" I had expected some mawkish or lewd suggestion instead of a reprimand.

"The door…which has been reduced to a large pile of splinters on the carpet."

"Oh…sorry." I ducked my head, blushing from the blood circulating my system from the victim of the night.

"You're so cute when you blush…and stop yelling." He kissed me on the cheek, adding to the shivers of pleasure I was getting from the sensation of his fingers probing the tender flesh around my ankle.

"I'm not 'cute', you damn vamp bastard. I am HOT! And you're the one with all the friggin' money, so I'm not paying for the damn door." I complained loudly, despite knowing that I have no sex appeal whatsoever, and crossed my arms across my tiny chest. I scowled when he started laughing at me.

"You could always back me back in sexual favors, sweeting…" he hinted, eyes twinkling silver. He ran a hand through his unruly black hair and winked, grinning. My scowl deepened.

"As if, you perv. And stop with the pet names; I'm not a puppy." I muttered. He paused as if to consider this, and then abruptly changed the subject.

"Okay then, hottie. What are you getting me for my birthday?"

"Ha! Like I'd tell you that." I scoffed, sticking my arrogant nose up in the air. He took one hand away from my ankle and used it to cup my chin, bringing my face closer to his and covering mouth with a kiss. He worked a little bit of tongue in there too, might I add. I finally broke free, burying my head in his chest. His black shirt was sort of open at the collar and my nose was pressed directly onto the pale bare skin. He smelled like soap, not the bland hotel kind, but a fresh, spicy scent. Vampires, I have learned, don't actually need to bathe since our bodies do not attract dust nor shed dead skin cells (new ones don't regenerate, so it's not necessary), so I thought it was kind of strange that he had showered. I didn't mind though and just wanted to forget that we had ever fought.

"Sorry." I mumbled, muffled against his skin. I ran my tongue over my teeth, feeling the tiny sharp points of my fangs. It was a nervous habit I picked up since it happened.

"What's that?" he questioned. I think he said it just to watch me squirm. Maddox's face was beginning to get this elitist smirk on it so I downright refused to repeat my apology.

"I didn't say anything." I muttered stubbornly. He laughed at me again and I stuck my tongue out immaturely. Then, I came back into the bedroom and got the journal. I am snuggled on his lap writing. It's a good thing he is too preoccupied with the movie, "Cannonball Run". Actually, I'm rather sure that he's just staring at Farah Fawcett's boobs. I feel intimidated. I shall now mope silently.

2:23 AM, Thursday the 28th of October

Moping isn't helping to get his attention. I am going to sigh loudly.

That didn't help. Why are guys such morons that they can't take the subtle hint of a loud sigh as a call for attention? Am I just being vain?

Of course he's going to stare at the sexy blonde movie star with the huge boobs instead of his flat-chested vampire girlfriend.

We'll there's more than one way to get attention. This calls for drastic measures. I WILL captivate him.

2:57 AM, Thursday the 28th of October

Damn it! Foiled again! My plans seem to fall through quite a bit tonight. Well, not to be cliché, but the best laid plans of mice and…vampires. You get the gist of it. It wasn't a complete disaster, actually.

I hopped off of his lap, causing him to groan from the slight increase of pressure applied to his groin as I leapt off, then sat perched like a cat, on the armrest, singing.

"I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves. I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves and this is how it goes…" I sang loud and forced my voice of go off key to a ridiculous and annoying point. Maddox ignored me, a miraculous feat, and kept his eyes on the television to occasionally laugh at the wayward appearances of Captain Amazing. About 23 verses later, Maddox's teeth were gritted and his brows furrowed as if he were withstanding enormous stress. Catching me unaware with a swift movement, he shoved me with one hand and I toppled off the arm of the sofa with a loud yelp.

"Why are you being so annoying tonight?' he asked me coldly, raising one sleek black eyebrow.

"Because." I answered sullenly. He gave me an exasperated look.

"Because why?" he growled. I started to tremble, still crouched on the floor, especially when he stood up to his full height (about six feet). He looked imposing and dangerous, now aggravated. My lower lip was quivering and I shook my head, refusing to answer because I knew that my voice would come out all shaky. I also had realized that it would sound incredibly stupid to say that I was jealous of an actress, "Fine, Aubrie, don't tell me."

"You're ashamed of me now, right?" I asked in a quiet tone of voice.

"Ashamed?" he looked confused and concerned because I now appeared upset. I was, too.

"Yeah. Cause I'm dumb and insecure as a girlfriend… and annoying and a problem child as your fledgling." My voice wavered and I looked down at the carpet.

"Sweeting, I am not ashamed of you. I just want to know why you're acting like this. For attention?"

I nodded silently, embarrassed. He makes me feel so childish and unworthy. "Real immature, right? I bet you regret your decision."

"Never, darling." He lifted me up and into his arms, using the remote control to turn off the TV and VCR. His attention was now focused solely on me. "I have never made a decision I regret."

"Good. I don't want to be just a mistake you made some October night."

We kissed. I won't be writing again tonight.