"I love you Everlyn."

I burst into giggles.

His expression turned exasperate.

I only laughed more.

"Why do you laugh so much?" He asked with his exasperation.

"I don't know." I replied innocently.

He ran his hands through his auburn hair.

I laughed.

He raised an eyebrow at me.

I sniggered.

"Do you laugh at everything?" He asked with curiosity as his gaze bored into mine. I felt myself lost in his royal blue eyes.

"I guess so. I really can't help it." I replied shrugging.

He didn't say anything for a moment.

"You know why you're so cool to hang out with?" He asked, changing the subject.

"Why?" I asked childishly gazing up at him.

"'Cause when people are with you, you're smile and laugh can melt away all their troubles."

"You never smile Ev." Warren accused me.

I didn't reply.

He continued to fire on.

"You never laugh or smile! It's not f-ing normal! You know people say you're not human."

I shrugged. "Maybe I'm not."

"It's like you don't give a damn 'bout what happens between us!" He scolded raising his voice to optimum level. Now everyone in the small Italian restaurant was starring at us.

"Warren, don't assume anything." I said calmly, no change of expression. I knew what was coming. It always ended like this, I was use to it. I knew, yet I didn't care.

His expression turned fierce.

"I'm not assuming goddammit! I know you don't give a shit!" He boomed at me.

I remained silent, after all, I had the right, right?

"See? Proven right there! You don't give a damn!" Warren continued to shout.

"And all this is because I don't laugh or smile?" I asked, clarifying.

"F- no! You're a vampire! No, even vampire's smile and laugh. You're an alien, a witch, anything but human!" He cried.

I remained expressionless and took a sip of my luke warm soup.

"Hell we're over! We're over!" He kicked his chair over before turning to leave.

"Hey Warren! You forgot something. And….I'm sorry." I called.

He came back and stood beside me, waiting.

"You forgot this." I told him. I splashed the ice-cold water on him.

Before he could even react, I continued on. "And I'm sorry I didn't do it earlier."

I had said it all in a calm voice, expression unchanged. He, on the other hand stood there with steam rising from his head.

"By the way, you can leave now." I waved good-bye coolly.

He turned and stormed off after shouting the f word at me.

I ignored him and took another bite of my meal sighing. Another day of my typical life, I knew it was coming, it was just a matter of time.