Chapter 22: The Ticket

"It should've been in the car!" I shout, frustrated as I glanced at my watch. Right at seven. I was going to miss my flight if I didn't hurry!

"Everlyn!" Aiden yells, grabbing both my shoulders and shaking them. "This, is a matter in life and death! We could put that intruder behind bars if you could only find the envelope!"

"I know!" I retort, pushing his arms away from me. "I know, but I don't know where it went! I mean, I put it under me, and then I had an argument with Tristan, and then…it happened." I added, trailing off.

He sighed, either out of frustration or annoyance. "Well, we've searched the whole car! And it's not there! Where could it be?" He shouts, asking no one in particular.

I took a deep breath and thought over everything that could've happened, all in slow motion. Me, reading the letter. Tristan coming in. Us arguing and me passing out. I wake up and go to the forest. Dreiden killing Tristan. Police examining the scene in the forest. Them examining the car-

"That's it!" I shout, breaking the silence between us.

"What's it?! Did you figure out where it could've gone?" Tristan asks, attention grasped.

"I think…" I slowly started.

"You think what?"

"I think the police or whoever examined the car might have it. I mean, they have to have it, a perfectly cream coloured envelope on the passager seat, they gotta have it!"

"Let's go check then!" He rushes, pulling me along. "Jesus Christ! Do you want to miss your flight?!" He adds huffily under his breath.

"An envelope you say? In the car? I'm sorry, but I'm not sure, because quite frankly, the guys who got the evidence, they just flew to London today, there was some kinda emergency." The police officer informed us.

"What? Isn't there some other guy who knows what happened? Or some assistance? Just someone who was there helping!" I exclaim, my voice slowly raising.

"No-" He started, but once he saw the desperation in my eyes, he sighed. "I'll go have a look, but I can't promise anything." He added before leaving the room.

"Thanks!" I call quickly smiling.

"Tristan, if it ain't here I can't help you find it anymore, I have forty-five minutes to get to the airport!" I told him firmly. He didn't protest but just sighed lightly.

A moment later, the officer returned with a teenage boy.

"This was the assistant who aided in clearing the evidence. Hope he provides you some help." The officer said before leaving for his duties.

"Hi, can I help ya?" The guy asked, looking half bored and half interested.

"Well, do you remember seeing an envelope in the car?" I asked.

He thought about it for a second. "Envelope?"

"It has golden corners! And it's cream coloured, I think." I described trying to jog his memory up a bit.

"Golden corners…..cream coloured…." He repeated my descriptions, taking a mental scan of his findings.

"Blank, nothing written." I tried again.

"…" He did not say anything, as he continued trying to recall such envelope. "It looked elegant, didn't it?!" He suddenly blurted.

"Yes! Elegant yes! Show me it!" I exclaim. This one might be envelope we had searched so long for!

"Why don't I bring you guys into the room where we keep the stuff?" He proposed, walking out the door as we followed him.

We entered a room with stacks and stacks of file cabinets with file and evidence scattered.

"Don't ask about anything, I can not answer." He warned as he made his way to the farthest end of the room. We followed suit.

He stopped and dug through a file cabinet, as I observed the room. A glint of light caught my eye, looking away, I saw all types of things stored in plastic ziplock bags, watches, jewellery, bracelets, anything you can name.

"Ok, almost got it." The boy said, still searching through the cabinet.

I sighed and checked my watch, fifteen minutes to go. The flash of light hit my eyes once again, groaning slightly, I turned away.

"Just wait, I think I got it." He said again. With nothing to do, I looked around again, just like before, the little shimmer of colour hit my eyes.

"What the hell do you have there?!" I exclaim, frustrated as I pointed in the direction of the annoying light.

"No questions, I told you. Now if you'd just wait one second more…" He told me, now flipping through files.

Once again, I tried to remain calm, and look anywhere but the blinding spot.

"I think I got it!" He yells and pulls out an envelope. I whip around to see the envelope, having my eyes catch the light again, but since the envelope was found, I ignored it and grasped to see it.

It was gold alright, but…all gold.

My head drooping lower than low, I shook my head. "Not that one."

"Are you sure?" He asked, and I looked up to check again. Having a glint of shimmering light intimidate me. Unable to keep my anger in any longer, I run over and pull the stupid shiny thing off the shelf.

"This, dumb thing! It must die!" I yell, showing it to them as I continued to yell and stomp on it.

"Everlyn! Stop Everlyn! That's evidence!" Aiden shouted, rushing to push me away.

"What?! It's taunting me!" I yell before I come back to my senses and stop, walking away with shame.

"Sorry!" I call before exiting through the door.

"Wait a minute!" I heard Aiden call, running after me.

"What?" I ask, whipping around to face him. "Look, I know I lost it back there! But don't give me some kind of discipline, I already missed my flight!"

"No you didn't! You have five minutes!" He stated.

"Like I'll get there in time!" I retort, turning away.

"But you won't need it!" He tells me, grabbing my shoulders and turning me around.

My expression is blank.

"Ask me why you won't need it!" He demandes.

Sighing, I did.

"Because you're going to be in court testifying!" He blurts.

"For what?! We don't even have any god damn evidence!" I yell back, turning to go.

"Then what's this?" He asked me. I tried not to turn and continue walking, but I just could not! Turning around, I saw Aiden grinning at me, holding the ticket we've all searched oh so hard for. A cream coloured envelope with golden corners.

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