Authors Note: Hey everyone! Even though people said I should write another realistic story, I've wanted to finish this sequel I have been kicking around the last couple of years! If you haven't read the first story, you better go and do so! I hope you enjoy it!

"Hundreds of years ago, the undead roamed the earth.

They were dark, cold, and evil creatures.

They haunted humans by night,

And slept by day.

These creatures were known as


"Have you found her location yet?"

"No. Can't she already be dead? It's been a long time, you know."

"If she was dead, we would have found out about it."

"Come on men! We have to find and stop her!"

The sun rose brilliantly in the morning sky. Singing birds mixed with the oranges and reds that came with the sun. The city, which had now grown in size, was covered with a beautiful hue of the colors above. Streets began to fill with many generations of life. Music poured from homes and laughter filled the parks. Buildings hummed with the sounds of moneymaking, and people whom were partying at nightclubs and bars the night before drove home sleepily.

But there is one who could care less about what was happening that morning. One man, who had nothing to live for. His only loved possession had perished exactly ten years this morning. He ruggedly walked through the buzzing streets towards a tall and steep hill on the outskirts of the city. As he neared the main gates of the large cemetery, his long trench coat waved behind him in the breeze. He sighed as he opened the gates and strolled to the highest point of the hill. There was a rotten cross, the rope that tied the two pieces of wood together slowly rotting away. Bouquets of long-dead flowers covered the base of the cross, and the man silently cried as he stared at the grave.

"Ten years, my love…I've missed you dearly. You changed my life eternally, so why did you leave me? Why did you have to leave me in a world that I have grown to despise these past ten years?" He said and kneeled by the cross, setting a single rose through the rope. "Oh how I wish you could come back to me. I have wished and wished, but I guess that the gods are angered by my request." His pale green eyes filled with tears, and the light breeze blew his long brown hair. He looked to be in his early thirties, but his eyes expressed that he had aged beyond his years. "I would do anything to have you back with me, my dark angel of light," he whispered. "My Adamina…" He stood up and looked up at the sky, now a light shade of blue. He closed his eyes and wiped the tears from his cheeks. With a gentle sigh, the man left the hill and cemetery, returning home.