Author's Note: hey everyone. Sorry i havent updated in a bit, but college has consumed my life the past few months. But now that I have a month off, I'll be writing more! 3

Bright sunlight poured through the windows. Michael felt warmth on his face and his eyes fluttered open. He turned and saw Adamina deeply asleep beside him. What an angel…he thought as he sat up. He walked over to one of the windows and scouted around, making sure Darrick's men weren't around. It seemed safe. His eyelids felt heavy and is mind was full. So much had happened the past few hours. Was he dreaming? If he was, this was one hell of a nightmare.

"Michael?" a soft voice whispered nearby. Michael turned to see his sleeping goddess awaken. She lifted he head which made some of her brown hair bounce over her face. "Are any of those hunters around?"

"No, I think we're safe for now," he replied, kneeling at her side. One of his hands pulled the hair ut of her face and smiled at her. "Did you sleep alright?"

"It was okay," Adamina replied. "What should we do?" Michael thought a moment hard.

"I wonder if it is safe at my place now. We should maybe retreat there until we can figure out what to do next."

"Maybe you're right," Adamina said and sat up and handed Michael his shirt. He put it back on and helped her up, dusting her off from the dust.

The two made a conscious effort not to be seen by the public by taking back streets and alleys back towards his home. From the street, he could see that there was broken glass upstairs and it made him fill with anger. As they walked up the stairs, Michael felt Adamina tense up. He smiled at her to try and clam her down. The hallways were silent and ordinary, as if the night before had never occurred.

The front door was open a crack with a busted lock on the door and the side of the wall. Michel cautious walked to the door and pressed it inwards with his hand. The sunlight spitting through the shattered windows sparkled across the damaged home. Papers were scattered about the floor, furniture was ripped and flipped over, his electronics were busted and laying around. The place was a complete hell-pit. Michael's eyes were wide in shock.

"They destroyed everything..." Michael uttered, falling to his knees. His hands shook a little as he picked up his DVD player. "Why...why did they do this?" he asked.

"The painting is gone, Michael!" Adamina's voice cried from the bedroom. Michael glanced in her direction and stood up.


"Look!" Adamina pointed to above the torn apart bed. She was right. The portrait of her was missing. A clean spot of the paint was all that was left.

"Why did they take that?" Michael was confused. Why did they need a portrait of Adamina?

"You will never know, foolish boy." A cold voice from behind the two sent shivers down their spines. They turned to see a happy darrick stared at them, rifle in hand. "I suggest you hand over the vampire." Michael raised a hand before Adamina and shook his head, his eyes almost glowing with rage.

"I won't let you place a hand on her you bastard!" he exclaimed. Darrick only chuckled.

"Alright then. If you want it that way. I will take her by force." Darrick turned his head slightly, nodding. Behind him appeared two large men, similar to the ones who were with him the previous night. "Deal with the boy. I'll handle her," he ordered. Michael stood in front of Adamina and punched at one of the men. He laughed and threw Michael across the room. Michael felt sometime sharp brush up against his side and he opened his eyes. His vision was blurry and he saw blood run down his arm.

"Shit.." he said, trying to get up. He saw Adamina approach darrick and place a hand on his cheek.

" remind me so much of raven...he was such a handsome human, you know..." her voice was tantalizing and sexy. Michael stood up and glared at the two brutes before him. The blood wasn't that much, but the wound stung like hell.

"Oh really?" Darrick's voice replied.

"Mhm. I always had a little crush on him long ago. Seeing you like this brings up old feelings I guess," Adamina whispered, moving her other hand down his stomach, landing on his thigh. Darrick closed his eyes and groaned a little. Adamina's eyes focused on Michael and winked. Michael nodded and looked again at the two workers for Darrick. They were watching Darrick, seemingly confused. This would be the perfect opportunity!

"I see...I always knew you had feelings for my ancestor. He left it in his will." Darrick said.

Michael ran past the two men and grabbed Darrick's rifle which was now at his side. He took hold of Adamina's arm as well and pulled her away. The two men ran up to Darrick, about to attack Michael. Darrick held out his arm, halting them. Michael held up the rifle, sweat running down his face. Blood dripped from his arm, but he fought the wincing pain.

"If you lay a hand on her, Darrick, I will shoot all the bullets in this gun deep into your empty head!" Michael threatened. Darrick only smirked in response.

"If you kill me, my men will kill Adamina with no problem. I suggest that you lower the gun."

"..." Michael stared at Darrick, and then turned his attention to Adamina. She had her hands clasped in front of her chest. Her eyes were wide and scared, with brown curls at the sides of them. Michael's breath was shallow as he held the gun. His mind raced with hundreds of actions he could pull if he needed to. But seeing Adamina as vulnerable as she made him weaken. His head lowered, some of his hair falling into his face. His hand loosened around the trigger of the gun and it fell to the floor.

"Good boy," Darrick bellowed. He turned to Adamina and grabbed her arm. "I've got her, men. Let's go!" he cried happily. Michael looked up and ran towards him.

"You're not taking her anywhere!" he yelled, but was cut short by the two henchmen. One of them punched Michael in the chest, knocking him to his knees. The other grabbed his arm and twisted it tightly. Michael screamed in pain and felt tears run down his eyes. Damnit! Adamina screamed and Michael watched Darrick pull her arms back behind her and push her towards one of the broken windows.

"Michael! Ah! Let go of me!" Adamina yelped sharply. Darrick laughed and pushed her head downwards, making sure she could overlook the streets below.

"Quiet, kitten. You wouldn't want to become part of the road kill down there, would you?" Darrick questioned. Adamina became silent and shook her head. He grabbed her hair and pulled, making her cry out. "Good. I'll make sure you behave," his voice became more dark as he spoke, as if he was being possessed by something. His eyes glanced over at his henchmen, whom were busy beating the shit out of Michael. "I think you've had enough fun for today, men. Let's go," he voice calmly said.

The henchmen nodded and stood up, leaving a bleeding and bruised Michael on the floor, twitching and quivering in pain. Michael fought to lift his head, only to watch Darrick leap out of the window. He was able to catch a quick glimpse of Adamina's eyes. They were strong and determined, letting Michael know that it was going to be alright. Her plan must be working, whatever it was. The pain from his wounds tingled all over his body. With a push, his arms lifted his upper half up so he could at least sit up straight. I hope she'll be alright...I need to get some medical help...he thought to himself. He slowly crawled to where the phone was and picked it up. It still had a dial tone, which was a good thing. Dialing 9-1-1, Michael sighed. Once I am bandaged up, I will go after you, Adamina. I will find you and kill that Darrick for disrupting our new life. I promise you." Hello, 9-1-1? I need an ambulance. There was a gang fight on 113 Transturn Street, apartment 64. I'm bleeding from my right arm and left leg..."