All I Have Given

Two girls were best friends forever before they met him that changes their lives.
A Cute Boy took two girls on Friday night, to watch movie until it's finished the movie.
He started to flirt with a Beautiful Girl made Nice Girl jealous.
All I have given is nothing.

Cute Boy and Beautiful Girl started to kiss each other in the movie.
The next day, they started to go out as boyfriend and girlfriend.
The Nice Girl now left heartbroken but never hang around with them anymore.
The Beautiful Girl begged her to come but the Nice Girl refused it every time!
The Cute Boy doesn't sure what happen between Beautiful Girl and Nice Girl.
All I have given is ignore him!

After three months later, a Beautiful Girl and Cute Boy broke up.
The Cute Boy asked Nice Girl to go out with him but she refused him.
The Cute Boy and Nice Girl now friends and took her to the movie.
Cute Boy tricks her by kissed her and tries to get her into his bed.
Nice Girl is furiously and angry same time because he made move toward her.
All I have given is to leave him!

Now the Nice Girl returned into Cute Boy's life at college where they met.
Nice Girl had one night stand with Cute Boy in the party.
After one week later, Cute Boy is back together with Beautiful Girl again.
Nice Girl ignored him that destroyed their relationship between him and Beautiful Girl.
They broke up because Beautiful Girl heard about rumour that Cute Boy hurts Nice Girl's heart and sleeps with her.
Nice Girl doesn't care about Cute Boy and became friends again with Beautiful Girl.
Now the Nice Girl discovered that she's pregnant.
Cute Boy doesn't want her anymore but wants Beautiful Girl back, she refused him.
Nice Girl walked away from the people she loves and disappeared.
All I have given is walk out of his life.