Indecisive, Helpless,

I have no mind to make up,

Every decision I make a failure,

Every knife I throw stabs you right in the heart,

If I knew how to stop it,

How to make it work,

God only knows I would,

Why must I dig too deep?

So deep into everything I do?

Makes it impossible to get out,

Without stabbing you again.

Indecisive, wounded,

I have no heart to break

Everything I do only makes things worse

Every word I say

Every soothing gesture another knife in your heart

How can I make this work?

Is it possible I could?

Every time I think about you, you spin in my head for hours,

It is you who I know I can love, for ever more

So why must I hurt you?

Why do I make you pay for the mistakes I make?

Indecisive, desperate,

I have no life to take,

One thing I can do,

That can make everything better,

Wouldn't it?

One thing I can do, that nears my end,

One thing to stop me hurting you,

The last choice I will ever make,

And I'm no longer indecisive.

I am only desperate.

And so my decision is made.

And I will make everything better,

And I can promise you,

That I will never hurt you again,

You will never see me slip away again,

And never watch me dig my holes,

And not a single knife will I throw.

No longer indecisive.

Only desperate.