Poisoned Angel

Those glowing wings perched upon your back,

Crystalline tears flow from emerald eyes,

Wind sweeps auburn hair in the flick of a horses tail,

Bare feet sink into warm grass,

Toes wiggling like worms as you are dragged under,

An icy cold claw clasps your ankles,

Not even the satisfaction of glance,

Falling in sombre grace,

Freckled cheeks remain blushed,

Not even a grasp at reality,

From your bruised lifeless hands,

Tainted skin brushes against soft white linen

Flowing upwards in resistance.

Sparkling feathers ease your fall,

But with no aid of your will,

The bottom nears,

Rock bottom,

Where you contentedly dwell

Those sleepless nights.

The devil stares you in the eye,

And you love him.