He approached with a choleric, yet vacant look in his dead eyes. As his mother sat hypnotized by the doll, its voice appeared in Curt's mind.

"Yes," it hissed. "Emotionless you shall forever be. No more thoughts to control you. No more beliefs to hold you back. Finish them you finally will."

As Curt continued his approach to his mother, Annie looked on, frozen in place. She looked at the doll in her mom's hands. When she saw her mom's mesmerized face, she noticed how her eyes were frozen on the doll. She then looked to Curt.

"Curt! Please stop!" she begged one last time. Curt stopped as he heard his sister. "Don't listen to it. It only wants to hurt us. Please don't let the doll tell you what to do!" Curt looked at her for a few more seconds. During that small duration of time, he seemed to look at Annie with a desperate face. However, he quickly regained his cold look and continued his approach to their mother.

A couple steps later, Curt stood over her. Still sitting motionlessly with the doll in her hands, his mother had no possible way of escaping or fighting back. Curt raised the knife.

Annie quickly looked around. Across the room, she saw that the door had fallen into several pieces. Trying to not look at Curt, she quickly ran towards the shattered door and picked up one of the splintered pieces of wood.

As Curt began to lower the knife towards his mother's head, the piece of wood suddenly hit his head. Then another hit him in the lower leg and bounced off his shin. He turned his head and glared across the room and saw Annie holding another piece of wood in her hand.

"I'm sorry Curt," she muttered in a somewhat guilty voice. "But I don't want you to hurt me and Mommy." She then chucked the last piece of wood at Curt's head. Though it hit him square in the temple, he didn't give much of a reaction. After shaking his head for a quick second, he grabbed the piece of wood and gave it a quick toss in Annie's direction. Unable to move out of the way, it hit Annie in the thighs. She instantly fell face-first to the floor.

Curt then looked back to his mother, who was still in her trance. He raised the knife again. He then slashed it hard across her back. She then dropped the doll screaming. As she lay on the floor, she saw Curt's towering figure with the bloody knife in his hand for only a few seconds before he made the last incision to her throat. As blood formed a puddle on his floor, he heard Annie's cries from the other side of the room.

"Mommy! Mommy!" she suddenly screamed. As Curt unlodged the knife from his mother's throat, Annie suddenly came running out towards them. She suddenly fell to her knees crying.

"Why did you have to kill Mommy?" she cried to Curt. "You let the doll win. You didn't have to let it be the boss of you." She then fell on her mother's body, forgetting about the blood.

Curt stood over them. He looked down at Annie and his mother for a glimpse at what he had done. He then began to back away.

"Why did you have to die?" Annie cried to herself over and over again to her mother.

"Backing away, you are," the doll's voice suddenly hissed angrily. "Winning, you are. Finish the little girl you shall."

Curt looked to the doll, which now lay by his mother's side. He noticed the blood on the floor soaking in through its back.

"Finish her how!" the doll hissed again. Slowly Curt began to approach Annie. Before Curt could reach her, Annie suddenly looked up. As Curt's shadow cloaked her, Annie quickly began to back away. However, Curt continued to follow slowly.

"Please Curt! No!" she begged. "Please stop!" However, Curt began to raise the knife. As Annie backed further and further towards the corner of the room, Curt held the knife out in front of him, ready to strike at any moment.

"Excellent!" the doll's voice arrogantly hissed. Curt smiled to himself as the doll watched his approached. "That smirk I love," it commented a few seconds later.

Annie backed up a few more feet. Curt began to ready the knife for his final strike. Annie tried backing up a couple more feet, but then she hit something. She looked back.

It was the wall! She had backed up into the corner of the room. She looked back to Curt. His eyes seemed to glare down upon her in a bloody shade of crimson that pierced into her soul.

She opened her mouth to beg to Curt one more time. However, as she began her final plead, nothing came out. She could only watch Curt as he prepared to strike.

"Finish her now!" the doll's voice commanded. With the doll's last words, a sudden surge of energy overpowered Curt. He quickly lowered the knife and slashed it across Annie's body. Another bolt of power surged him. He then ran the knife down her stomach. With one last surge, he dragged it across Annie's neck.

She quickly fell the floor, trying to gasp for breath. Curt quickly backed away, hoping for her to quickly die. A second puddle of blood quickly formed on the floor around her body. As he watched her unwounded face, he noticed tears flowing from her eyes. She tried to crawl away, but could not gather the strength. Instead she only lay there wheezing for life.

Hours seemed to pass as he watched his sister slowly die. More and more blood continued to flow out, yet she still did not fall limp. She looked up to Curt with a desperate face. However, Curt continued to stare down at her, waiting for her life to be silenced.

Minutes later, her gasping stopped. Curt continued to look down, suddenly hoping for a sign of life. Instead, he saw nothing except Annie's limp body. Curt began to kneel down to see in she was still breathing. Still nothing. Tears suddenly began to fill his eyes.

"What have I done?" he softly asked himself, speaking consciously for the first time since he left the motel. "What have I done?" he suddenly bellowed out even louder.

"It's over," a familiar voice abruptly came from behind him. Curt looked back. He noticed the ghost girl standing right behind him. "It used you Curt, just as it used me," she continued. "I thought I could stop it too."

"But, how?" Curt suddenly asked. "How am I thinking again? What happened?"

"You killed your whole family, just like I did, back when I first bought the doll from an old women. I asked her to sew on a small wooden plaque with my initials on it to make the doll special to me. Soon after, it began talking to me," the girl explained bluntly. "I remember my mother. Her smile was so warm. One day, I remember admiring how warmly she smiled at me. Then, a moment later, I lodged a rusty looking knife into her throat. Once the doll used me, it drained my mind of its energy. After feeding off the misery it caused me, it laughed as I slashed myself to death!"

Curt looked at the girl's cuts. They began to bleed. Curt then looked to his bloody knife. Suddenly, the doll's voice rang out from behind them.

"Foolish little girl you are," the doll hissed out to the ghost girl. "Owned me you did. Worthless you always were! Used you I already have. No longer shall you try to stop me. Growing more powerful I am!" Suddenly, the girl started crying. Quickly she fell to the floor my the now drying puddle of blood by Annie's body. Suddenly, her cuts began to bleed more powerfully.

"Please kill it!" the girl pleaded. "You can still stop it! Think about what it made you do. Don't let it do this again. Please!" Suddenly, blood began dripping out of her mouth. Her cuts began to fester across her body and face. Then, they instantly ripped themselves wide open. Within seconds, the ghost girl melted into a bloody heap of flesh on his floor.

Curt looked to the doll. His face tensed back up. Holding the knife in his hand, he grabbed the doll away from his mother and held it up to his face.

"Stop me you can't," the doll hissed. "Mine you still are. Thinking now you can. Temporary it is. Broken by compassion you temporarily are. Make it easy on yourself and give up you should."

Curt glared at the doll's eyes. Before he could fall back into the doll's trance, he looked at the back of the doll. On its neck, he noticed the wooden plaque with the letters C.V. carved into it. He suddenly realized that those were also his own initials.

"Escape me you can't. Always find you I will. Made specially for you I am," the doll hissed again.

"You can't control me anymore," Curt softly spoke to the doll. "You don't own me now. I now own you. You are my doll. I can kill you!"

"So cute you are," the doll laughed. "Kill me. How precious that is." Suddenly, the doll's head started turning. Within a few seconds, it turned 180 degrees to face him. Curt quickly turned the doll back around but its head followed. "Own you I do. Under my power you shall return." With those last words, its eyes began to recapture Curt's mind.

However, Curt quickly lifted his knife and lodged it into one of the doll's eyes. Blood then began to flow from the doll's head. He picked it back out and impaled through its other eye. Another stream ran out.

"No!" the doll screamed. "Impossible! But how! Unstoppable I am. Beat me you can't!"

"Oh, but I can," Curt suddenly sneered to the doll. "You may have gotten others to feed off of, to kill and destroy, but you won't get me again. You have been beaten! No one will ever be destroyed by your evil again."

He then took the knife and ran it down the doll's front. Blood slowly began to trickle from the incision. As he opened the doll's chest, he saw something beat up and down: the doll's heart.

"Screw you doll, forever!" he yelled. With those last words, he lay the doll on his dresser and slammed the knife through its heart and through the wood beneath it. Blood slowly ran down the side of the dresser.

He then noticed a cloud of brown haze rise from the doll's wounds. As it leaked through the doll's chest, it seemed hiss like a snake. After a couple minutes, as the haze faded, the room became cloaked in silence.

Curt looked down to his mother. Tears ran down his worn out face. He then walked up to Annie's body in the corner. He felt her cold face and noticed that her tears had not fully dried. He slowly lifted her body off the floor, ignoring the blood. Holding her in both hands, he walked out the door and up the stairs.

He then made his way to the back yard. The air around Preston Street seemed completely dead around him. It always did. Even the green bushes around the back yard seemed completely void of any life.

He slowly laid Annie's body on the ground. He then quickly fell to his knees crying.

"I'm sorry Annie!" he wailed out loud to Annie's body. "I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I'm so sorry!"

It was cold and quiet as Curt slowly walked around his cell. He had a vacant look on his face.

After a year in prison, his mind seemed to whither and rust with each day. Sometimes he did manage to think about his former life, but the nightmares of his mother and sister quickly shaded any such thoughts.

Bang! Bang! Curt looked to the steel door that secluded him from the rest of the world. Then it slowly opened. A prison guard, balding man almost as big as him, entered.

"So, Curt Vandelson, the psychotic serial killer, I hope we will no longer be having any more accidents," he sneered to Curt. "You must be something special to kill your own family. Heh, heh, heh."

Curt glared back. He slowly started to follow the man out into the thin hallway. Once he stepped out, there were to other men waiting out in the hallway. He hated walking this corridor day after day. It always seemed to be so thin.

"You are one lucky son of a bitch, you know," said one of the guards. "Being insane sure managed to save your sorry ass. If I was your judge, I'd have all the shit like you slowly starve to death." Curt glared at the man. Every day all he does is cuss.

Halfway down the hallway, an image of Annie's dead body appeared out in front of him. He shook his head for a second, hoping it would vanish. It eventually did. However, seconds later, it reappeared.

After shaking his head again, the image faded a little, only to come back stronger than ever. He tried again, but it stayed.

Suddenly, blood started to seep from Annie's body and mouth. The more he tried to clear his mind, the harsher the image became. Suddenly, Annie's body sat up and glared into his eyes. Then she got to her feet and appeared to walk to him.

"You killed me," he image of Annie scolded harshly to Curt. Suddenly, in her left hand, Curt's bloody knife appeared. "How would you like it if I killed you, bitch?" the image then asked. Then, suddenly, the doll's voice killed Curt's mind.

"Thought you could kill me, you did," it hissed. "Kill me you can't. Stop me you can't. Become a living part of you I have become." Then, an image of the bloody doll appeared in Curt's mind.

With a sudden burst of energy, Curt quickly tried to bolt away from the guards. However, the two at the back quickly grabbed him.

"Quickly, restrain him," one of them shouted to a couple more guards down the hallway. "Grab his straight-jacket!"

"This happens every time," complained the one who entered his room. "Always going crazy, aren't we?"

Curt continued to try to escape as the images kept appearing in front of him. Then, an image of his mother appeared by Annie, with her neck still severed.

"Mommy! Mommy!" hollered Annie. "What should we do?" The image of his mother looked down to the image of Annie.

"Kill him," she replied. "Just as he did to us." Curt kept struggling. Soon, about seven guards surrounded him. Curt quickly knocked one unconscious. Soon, however, they strapped him down in the middle of the corridor in a straightjacket. They then shoved him to the floor. He still kept struggling, however. They then dragged him down the hall and into solitary confinement as Curt continued his futile exertion.

"Done, it is," the doll's voice hissed to Curt. "Used you I have!"

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