Why must we always talk of nothing but say a lot?

Just once I'd like to hear you say you care

That what I say matters

That maybe life is worth living

And that the two of us are worth dying for

Just to hear something that really makes a difference

A ray of hope in your darkness

Life in this everlasting death

Tell me it's worth it

Tell me you care

That it will all get better

That sometimes life is simple

And sometimes death is what's complicated

Figuratively speaking

Talk of life and love and hope and defeat

Tell me your life story

Listen to mine

Don't judge' til you try to understand

Don't try to understand until it's all explained

Don't just say you care because you know it's what I want to hear

But don't lie just because I'm not expecting it

Surprise me

Remind me why we're here

Point me in the right direction

Live for me because you know I'd die for you

Die for me when I'm dying to be you

To be with you

Is that what you want to hear?