Chapter 5

The slot jerked open loudly, violently waking me without an ounce of breath in my lungs. A grubby plate slid through, containing food I had never seen before, to the left of the plate was a small square of paper with a crudely drawn image of what I suddenly recalled to be good ol' saint nick quoting 'Merry Christmas Inmates' with a huge sarcastic grin on his face. I smirked as my mind sidestepped, a huge bushy tree coated in high priced consumer goods, dripping with the satisfaction of a middle class family. I saw her again, that beautiful young woman, she was smiling and looking down at me, soft wavy hair rolled into mahogany sausages. Pursed red lips that contrasted beautifully with piercing emerald eyes. Her lips parted to reveal perfect white teethe with a blemish of red lipstick. A pale complexion encrusted in freckles, each containing more beauty than the last. Then I realised, she was my hope, my mother, my roots. My mind all of a sudden lunged forwards, back into reality.

After a few minutes I began to eat my unfamiliar meal, slurping the gravy rudely. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, this new experience, this unusual taste, it seemed very familiar. I scanned my mind of everything I had learned but couldn't find it. It began to dive me slowly insane. Well actually I'm exaggerating; it just pissed me off a bit that's all. 'Oh no, it would take much more to drive me insane.' I said to myself, smiling. I had come to realise that maybe Israel didn't really know what happened in my mind, so maybe if he really was watching me he would get the point. Then again of course he may just bask in my apparent sanity, when you consider that I was talking to a supreme being watching my every move. I began to laugh, at the thought of 'god' finding hilarity and irony in people talking to him. 'Prayer' I said to myself, and giggled childishly.

I finished my meal and pushed the plate back through the slot before lying down to think. I wondered if Israel wanted me to know about him, I was unsure if he knew what I would think you see. Maybe he was just a spectator, who partook every so often just to spice things up. I began to imagine a man watching children from the side of a pool, throwing in a shark every so often. This made me laugh.

As I chuckled heartily I heard an unfamiliar clunk and the huge metal door that separated me from the deep end of Israel's pool swung open. A tall, hairy, well built man stood before me. My first social interaction… and with an ape I thought.

'Out you come: time's up' The man grunted in a loud rough voice which bounced effortlessly off the walls.

'You mean…' I cleared my throat. 'I'm free?'

The man laughed.