I close my eyes and wish all this away

These silent demons charm you into your beliefs

They wander around your lost soul

Pondering what to do next

What has led you to become who you are?

So disbelieving and unGodly in your actions

Who hurt you so bad

That you decided to become this?

Your falsafied exaggerations flaunt your every move

Bring light to the good intention sullied in your shell of a soul

So deep inside

So cleverly disguised

You lay in the dimmed lights

Cooled by the winds of your anger

A sheet is pulled over your moistened face

You no longer want to see

You never wanted to be here

Look at you

Pick up the pieces of yourself and put them back together

The furious puzzle we create in our minds

Struggling, stressing to make it perfect

Seeking for approval

Silly girl

You believed his lies

Look at you now

Everything you've let yourself become

You wretched soul

Basing your every emotion off of your human relationships

You foolish child

I pity you