To who is concerned,

I don't expect you to read this. But if you ever do I don't expect you to really care. You watch me as I take in the world around me. You watch as I am hurt again and again but you don't seem to care. Instead you draw away from me as if you were scared of me, as if I had some terrible disease that you would catch if you stood near me to long. Every time I speak with you, you ignore me, you walk away without any recognition. But how would you feel if I faded away if I left and never return. If I died would you morn for me or would you not care. Would you remember me or would you forget. Would you wish that you could turn back the clock and say sorry or do you think it wouldn't matter.

Someone once said to be forgotten was worse than death, but I disagree. To know that people know that you exist but they ignore you none the less. How would that make you feel to know that you are not forgotten but people you want to speak to you just ignore you, and treat you like you were a brick wall and nothing more. But could a brick wall feel emotion, no. but to surprise you all I can and I still do. Even if you read this and don't care just believe that I may not show my feelings but I do still believe in our friendship, even if you don't.

A/N: this was written to my so called friends in school. Just a way to get it off my chest. Please R&R.