What do you need to survive?

Is it a drug that gets you high,
And makes you forget it all?

Is it the feeling of exhilaration,

The one you can only get one way,

From putting others down to help yourself?
Do you like using them all,

Only for your own gratification?

Don't you even think what they might feel?

Do you even care what they feel?
Why bother; it's not your problem, right?

It's all your fault,

And you should own up to your mistakes.

But do you? Never.

You'll never admit what you did wrong,

And what you made wrong,

What you corrupted.

You don't care what's wrong now,

As long as you had your fun then.

You know, one day,

It'll all catch up with you.

You'll get what you deserve,

For being such an insensitive prick.

Sure, a mask you wore was the opposite,

But that's exactly what you are,

No matter how much you deny it.

You'll get what's coming for you.

Date: January 26, 2001