WARNING! As usual I shall pretend to be a nice person and warn you about the rather obvious male/male relationships contained herein. I am adding an additional warning of language, so please take note. As always, flames will be used to terrorize the world we live in and burn down important buildings, landmarks and other such places.

Additional note and DISCLAIMER: This is a rather slow chapter establishing the relationship of the characters. This was done from an RP, me and a friend of mine occasionally return to. Thus, much as I would love to sing acclaim to my genius, not all the characters are mine. In actual fact, all feats of genius can be acclaimed to Kyrrissean while the rest can be blamed on me. K? I have been granted permission to attempt to rewrite this as a story. I certainly hope at least 'someone' enjoys this. Now on to 'Crimson Rain'. Enjoy!

Crimson Rain

Chapter 1- Sakura and Silver

Pale pink drifts upon the evening breeze, Sakura petals floating to the ground. Drifting in a hypnotic dance, as they always do when the scent of blood fills the night air. The scent of death. Dull red eyes stare at the bloody corpse before him, crimson tears pouring down a silver blade. Just one more crime to damn his soul. Guessing his job here was done the silent figure slipped into the shadows wiping evidence of his crime off of his blade before rejoining the world of the living. Silently he slipped into the bright lights as if nothing was amiss, and nothing was weighing upon his heart.

The night-time city was ablaze with life, neon lights flashing everywhere. People were talking, laughing and generally having a good time. They were completely oblivious to the nighttime dangers within their midst. A figure slipped through the dark shadows created by the bright lights. Where there was light, there was shadow. He took the fire escape down from the 5th floor, slipping onto the street and slinging a bag over his shoulder.

Red eyes flickered to the running figure that had just emerged from the shadows of the alleyway, following it in vague curiosity. He briefly wondered what the figures hurry was before returning to his inner contemplation. He had done his 'duty' for the night he guessed. It had become heart breaking how easy this had become. How monotonous, continual and distant. He wondered at that, returning his gaze to distantly follow the figure he had previously spotted, weave through the crowd.

The figure in the distance headed down the street, refusing several invitations, considering that this was the red light district. The red light district was not known for being safe. One did not travel come here unless one was either stupid or desperate. Desperation could drive a person to do almost anything.

The red-eyed figure took a short cut through an alleyway losing sight of the distant figure. A short cut he knew well. This was not really advisable in this day and age but being as he himself was one of the main reasons this was not advisable he wasn't too worried.

He paused at doorway leading from the alley into a building. Slipping in via the hidden entrance, he slipped the blade into its usual place before wandering into the chaos of lights, beat and sound. Slipping into a barstool he gave the bartender a cold stare. Moments later his usual drink was placed before him. This he downed in a single motion.

A few minutes later the bartender went off duty, replaced by a silver-haired youth, with eyes so dark they seemed almost black. Red eyes narrowed as they apprised the youth. He seemed vaguely familiar. Finally, he managed to place him as the stranger that had been in such a hurry while he had been on his way here. Dropping the glass to the counter red eyes glared at the new-comer in obvious heated demand for another.

The silver-haired youth spotted him, before biting his bottom lip and heading over. "What can I get you?"

The red-eyes narrowed further in displeasure as the patron glared at the new bartender. He wondered at the fact that this new comer had been neglected to be informed about whom he was. Furthermore he had the audacity to ask him what he wanted. It had been years since he had been required to speak, even for something as mundane as ordering a drink. Being a regular helped in that department. "The strongest stuff you have, what else?" He snapped.

"Yeah, sure, snap at the new guy." He shrugged, before reaching in beneath the table for the bottles and mixing something with enough 'oomph' to it to kill a horse.

Flicking back his long dark blue, almost midnight hair, he downed it in one go smiling slightly at the kick before sliding the glass back the bartenders way. "Bout time I got something good." The tone was bitter.

The youth serving him, looked at him, before shaking his head and mixing him another "Good"? The next was muttered. "You should be on your back." He slid him the second drink watching carefully.

The red-eyed patron quirked his eyebrow, disbelievingly. "If you can accomplish that I will love you forever," was the sarcastic comment. The second drink was downed just as easily as the first with no reaction to its potency.

He looked at him. "What will you pay me, if I manage?"

"Pay?" A wry chuckle filled the bar. "If I could afford it? A substantial amount."

The silver-haired youth smiled slightly, before shaking his head and proceeding to mix something akin to elephant tranquilizers. Surprisingly, the elephant tranquilizers went down without a fuss. A smile crossed the red-eyed stranger's face. "I see you can do better. If you could do this to begin with why bother me with the previous lot?"

"The previous lot flattens most people for the next two days."

"Ah, I see. And this lot?"

"Never tried it before."

"What? No estimation here?"

"I could say it'd be possibly fatal, if it makes you feel better." He pulled out about five bottles, before lifting them up to inspect the labels and mixing them into something the smell of which would possibly have put an entire herd of elephants to sleep.

The drink was downed with a look of surprise. "Now that's more like it. Another?"

He looked at the red-eyed stranger in disbelief. "What are you?" He did however pull out another three bottles, checking the labels to make something even stronger.

It was downed with a sigh of relief, the red-eyed man finally finding something that gave him a kick. Now he could begin to vaguely understand why humans did this. True, it wasn't as effective as he would like it to be but was sure as hell better than nothing.

He shook his head, looking at him. "I'd probably have to give you pure alcohol to get it stronger though..."

"Have any?" Hope surged through him, causing red-eyes to light up in desperation.

"No... you'd probably find some in a hardware store or a hospital."

He slumped in disappointment, once again looking dejected. "Never mind then."

Dark eyes watching him in amazed disbelief. "Okay... you've just had enough alcohol to floor most of Shinjuku, so why don't you appear in the least drunk?"

"Because I'm not."

"Yeah... Why?"

"I have a high tolerance for alcohol. Wanna make something of it?"

"A fucking inhuman tolerance for alcohol." He muttered.

"So? What of it?" Red eyes gleamed as he smirked at the surprised youth.

"You'll take the pot if you enter the stupid competitions the guys hold on Saturdays..."

"Your boss refuses to let me enter."

"Figures." He went off to serve some more people, before coming back and putting the bottles away, looking over the labels again and into the liquid before he put each one back into its place.

"So can I get another one? Just like the last drink?" His eyebrows were raised in enquiry. "Unless of course you're all out of alcohol that is."

"Yeah sure..." He mixed him another.

Grabbing the glass the patron decided to sip it slowly this time, savoring the fire, to which he was unaccustomed, that the drink supplied. "Not bad at all." He commented in a dreamy kind of pleasure.

The silver-haired youth shook his head, getting back to work.

Red eyes turned to the dance floor, watching bodies move in time to the rhythm as he continued to sip at his drink. Once done, he placed the glass down onto the bar before moving onto the dance floor. Once there he let the beat take him for an indeterminable period of time, moving wildly with it. He did not really attract attention here anymore. That's one of the reasons he came after all. That and… His mind veered away from the thought. Once done he returned to the bar slipping into a different seat this time as his prior one had been taken.

There was somebody else at the bar, the youth having slipped outside for a smoke. The red-eyes narrowed in displeasure. He had rather been looking forward to getting some more of the drinks the youth could mix up. He leant on the palm of his hand gazing vacantly at the bartender before giving the man who knew him well by now the usual signal and getting the usual drink.

The youth came back ten or so minutes later, coming in from the patrons' side and climbing up over the bar, before dropping down lightly on the other side to relieve the bloke again. Red eyes followed his movement the owner thereof remaining silent, waiting for the youth to notice him.

He spotted him, after pushing his hair out of his eyes. Seeing glass that the red-eyed man raised, he shook his head. "One more elephant tranq coming up." He mixed it for him before sliding it over.

The patron inclined his head before returning to the drink with a smile. Half way through the glass he was beaming eyes looking a little glazed. He sighed in satisfaction. Maybe, just maybe, tonight, he could finally forget. Forget everything. Past, present and future.

The youth watched him at him. "That's slightly more like it."

The patron simply cocked his head grinning, "Hontoni?," before drinking some more.

"Aa... anata no namae?

A scowl flittered over his face. "Ku..." He suddenly stopped himself. "Chiniiro."

The youth considered this. "Alright..." He made him another drink.

Chiniiro started on the next drink. "Isn't it rude?"

"Isn't what rude?"

"To take my name without offering me yours?"

He shrugged. "Ryuudou desu..."

"Hajimashite." Chiniiro raised his glass before drinking the rest. "To elephant tranq."

Ryuu chuckled lightly. "Aa... if the bugger had some," he named an alcoholic beverage, "I'd make you something stronger, but hey..."

"Can't win them all." Chiniiro slid the glass over.

He mixed him another. "You should have had enough after the first one, you know?"

"I wish." The response was bitter. He turned to watch the dancing again, sipping the drink. Halfway though he lay down on the bar and dozed off into sweet oblivion.

Ryuudou tried to shake him awake when his shift ended. Bleary red eyes gazed at him dazed and filled with sleep. "Okay... you need to leave now. We're closing and I want to get some sleep, before I start my day job."

Eyebrows rose questioningly before Chiniiro responded, "Jus leave me here. Your boss knows bout me," before returning to sleeping on the bar.

"Aa, it's the boss that wants you gone." He shook him some more.

Red eyes narrowed as he got up to stumble out. "Figures..." followed by some heavy cuss words, "just bloody damn well figures. No leeway for his fucking toy." This tirade was muttered as he headed towards the exit.

Ryuu grabbed his bag, before heading for the door as well. "Toy?" Red eyes glared at Ryuudou before Chiniiro bent down to grab his blade and wordlessly walk out. Ryuu stared after him, before shaking his head and finishing up in the back of the bar.

Baccus casually walked into the bar to oversee the closing of his establishment. "Everyone gone then?" He asked pleasantly.

Ryuu looked around. "Aa... hai..." He picked his bag up again, settling it over one shoulder.

"You wouldn't have happened to have seen a guy that can drink an awful lot with red eyes around would you?"

Ryuu silently pointed at the alleyway.

"Doumo. If you should see him again tell him to meet me tomorrow evening the usual time would you?"

"Hai, wakatta. Summimasen. Ikimasu."

Baccus nodded turning away and heading upstairs in a clear dismissal of Ryuudou.

Ryuudou left, nearly tripping over Chiniiro further down the alley. Chiniiro had settled himself on the ground, blade between his knees. Chiniiro glanced up at Ryuu. "The least you could do is watch where you walk you know." He commented dryly.

"It's dark, how the hell am I supposed to see you down there?"

"You're not blind, you know, there is sufficient light for most hum... people to see."

Ryuu shook his head. "Aa, screw you too..."

"Why bother. Did that to myself already, thanks. Rather efficiently too I might add." Chiniiro snapped back, rather disgruntled by Ryuu's surly attitude.

Ryuu looked down at him. "You don't sound half-drunk again... "

"I'm not drunk at all anymore. Pity."

"Okay... it's official. You're not human."

"If you say so."

"What are you doing out here?"

"Sleeping, what does it look like?"

He made a face. "Don't you have a home to go back to or something?"

"I can never set foot in my home ever again. For all they know I'm dead." Chiniiro cocked his head to the side, giving Ryuu a heated look. "What's it to you?"

"It's not tripping over you in an alley to me. Don't you even have somewhere to spend the night that actually has a roof?"

"I have no need for a roof." Chiniiro replied cryptically.

Ryuu rolled his eyes. "I can't leave you sleeping in the alley though..."

"And why if I may ask not?"

"Because I'm a good fucking Samaritan, now get up and find yourself a shelter or something..."

"Well get your good fucking Samaritan ass out of MY alley way and then you won't have to either trip over me or worry your pretty little silver locks over what you consider to be my misfortunes."

He looked at him. "Fine..." Ryuu stepped lightly over him intending to go home.

"Bye, bye silvy locks" Chiniiro taunted after him.

Ryuu simply gave him the finger behind his back, walking away.

"Be careful what you do with that. You might just lose it."

He gave him the other finger as well.

Laughter could be heard echoing from behind him.

Chiniiro was done rather early for a change. It was not usual and his relief for such rare occurrences had long since died, worn ragged by the passage of time. He chuckled dryly, a bitter taste dominant upon his tongue. He wandered into the bar and into his usual seat.

Ryuu's shift only started quite some while later. He slid in behind the bar, relieving the guy before him. He received a sharp glare from Chiniiro who then proceeded to turn away as if he had not seen him, rather disgruntled, for some unknown reason. Ryuu simply pushed his hair in behind his ears, revealing a long line of earrings on the right side, before getting to work. He looked tired.

After several minutes of watching the dancing Chiniiro said sarcastically. "My, aren't we slow tonight? Where is my drink?"

"My, aren't we slow tonight? Not so much as a hello or a please…" He slid him a drink.

Chiniiro caught the drink not even turning. "Hello's and please's are over-rated."

"Not if you want the house-specialty they aren't..."

"I refuse to lower myself to your level. If you insist, you can keep the house special."

Ryuu looked at him. "Now, manners is lowering oneself... what is this world coming to? Hmpf..." He went back to work.

"Destruction, obviously, and bout bloody time too." Chiniiro retorted bitterly.

Ryuu rolled his eyes. "Nice..." Seeing his customer don the rest of his drink, Ryuu shook his head, before plonking something suitably strong down in front of Chiniiro. "Maybe it'll make you less cynical..."

Chiniiro grabbed the drink downing it before thinking. He looked surprised. The drink had given him quite a kick. "Is this what you were talking about yesterday?"

"Aa... they mix better than the crap the owner's got behind the bar..."

"So how did you learn to make these lethal brews then if the first one you gave me last night was supposed to knock a man down?"

"They've got a list of contents down the side, you know."

"I see"

Ryuu looked at him, before shrugging, returning to work.

"Can I get another then or does that require me degrading myself?"

"A please will do..."

Chiniiro shrugged. He guessed it 'figured'. "I thought so..." He got up, moving to the top level of the club where more 'interesting' activities could be found, rather disgruntled at Ryuu's manner.

Ryuu burst out laughing, watching a disgruntled Chiniiro leave, before setting about rearranging the bottles again.

Just before closing time Chiniiro slipped down the stairs smirking and shaking his head. Wary red eyes apprised the establishment in search of a certain silver haired youth. Most of the clientele had gone already, leaving the bar empty. Red eyes spotted Ryuu looking into a glass filled with vodka as though it was the most interesting thing in the world.

Chiniiro leant on the bar. "If you're going to drink it then drink it, if not don't let the poor drink go to waste."

Ryuu looked up at the sound of a voice interrupting his concentration. "It's not going to waste..." He smiled slightly. "It's going into the air."

Chiniiro grabbed the glass gulping the liquid down. Going to the air was the same as going to waste in his opinion and as such could not be tolerated. "That's what I call going to waste." He put the glass empty down, the sound echoing through the empty bar with an odd sort of finality.

Ryuu looked at him, before shaking his head. "You'll probably want another of the improved elephant tranqs."

"I really wouldn't bother. No point in it." Chiniiro contradicted him.

Ryuu smiled slightly. "I made another adjustment."

"Like I said. No point in it. NOTHING would affect me right now." Chiniiro snapped, rather disgruntled at the youths persistence. 'Really', could he not take no for an answer? He had not lied. For the next half hour or so, absolutely nothing would affect him.

Ryuu looked at him again, before shrugging, not really caring. "Kay, whatever." Pulling a bottle out he poured another glass of vodka, going back to his previous inspection of it.

That one was grabbed and abruptly poured over his head. "It will evaporate faster now. More surface area you know."

Ryuu calmly ran his fingers through his hair, not giving Chiniiro the reaction he was looking for. He turned his gaze upon him, shaking his head as though he were a wet dog, drops flying everywhere.

"You know, it's easier to simply pour the liquid directly from the bottle onto me?" Chiniiro commented, at the drops of alcohol that were being splattered onto him by the dog impersonator.

Ryuu smiled at him, before shaking his head. "Iie, it'll go away plenty fast enough."

"I see. Well, have fun then." Chiniiro turned, leaving the bar in order to retrieve his blade from its usual place in the corner of the establishment.

He shook his head, watching him, before muttering. "Bloody mess." He ran his fingers through his hair again, removing any and all traces of the vodka, the smell going with it.

Sensing something amiss, Chiniiro turned to watch in silence, red eyes gleaming. He watched Ryuudou put all the bottles away, cleaning up. Ryuu whistled softly as he worked, oblivious to Chiniiro's inspection. Chiniiro wondered what it was about this youth that kept drawing his attention and continued to watch him in silence, slipping softly into the familiar embrace of the shadows. An embrace he had been forced to become intimate with since…

Ryuudou finished up before grabbing his bag and yelling deeper into the bar. "Ikimasu!"

Baccus suddenly appeared right behind Ryuudou, surprising the youth that had not heard him approach. "You never gave him my message." He said in a cold dangerous voice.

Ryuu blinked, turning around. "Oh, fuck, I forgot... gomen nesai."

Baccus' dark eyes narrowed clearly showing his displeasure. "Not good enough." He snarled. "No-one and I mean no-one neglects to do what I tell them to."

Ryuu stared up at him. "I said I was sorry. I won't do it again..."

A finger ran softly along Ryuudou's cheek. "Then be sure to tell my toy tonight won't you?"

"If I see him, I'll be sure to." He jerked his face away, uncomfortable with the taunting touch that had trailed along his face.

Baccus grabbed his hair his eyes glowing. "No my dear. You had that chance yesterday. Tonight you make sure to FIND him and then tell him. No second chances."

"Yeah... okay... hanase."

Baccus released him and left without another word, confident his plan had been set in motion. Ryuu made a face after his bosses retreating figure muttering darkly. "Geez, who lodged that stick up his ass?"

During this entire exchange, Chiniiro had remained hidden in the shadows, watching and listening. He knew very well that Baccus 'knew' he was there and was putting on this show especially for his benefit. He began to wonder what Baccus was planning and hoped desperately that Ryuu would not get involved. That appeared to be a vain hope as it seemed Ryuu was already involved.

Ryuudou shrugged his jacket on, picking his bag up again and slipping out into the alleyway. "Fucking asshole..."

Knowing full well this was a trap; Chiniiro still chose to step into it, silently following the silver haired youth out. He kept to the shadows, well practiced grace keeping him out of Ryuu's sight. He followed Ryuu as Ryuu headed down the street, whistling softly. Twenty minutes later both the youth and his stalker slipped into an alleyway.

That is the moment Chiniiro had been waiting for. He had been seeking privacy in which to speak with Ryuu. Silently he appeared before Ryuu. "I would suggest you don't come back to the bar. Better yet, leave the city entirely." He said softly.

Ryuu stared at him in shock at both his sudden appearance and his words. "Nani?"

"If you value your life I would suggest you get as far away from here and Baccus as humanly -in your case- possible."

"Why? What's the asshole gonna do?"

"That asshole as you so call him. Will hunt you down and if he doesn't kill you, you will wish he had."

Ryuu looked at him in disbelief. "And why should I believe you?"

Hurt flashed through red eyes before they returned to their glaring norm. "Or if he doesn't do it himself, he will order me to."

He stared at him. "Okay..." he ventured, quite convinced that Chiniiro was not entirely sane. Shaking his head he continued. "I don't believe this. I'm going to bed..."

Chiniiro's lip twisted into a bitter snarl, angry at Ryuu and himself for his failure in convincing the youth. "Fine, then, don't come crying to me when all you have left is despair and degradation and even the right to commit suicide is denied you!" With that said he turned and stormed off into the sorrow of the night. The sorrows so many ignored or were unaware of.

"Geez, someone go easy on the melodrama here..." Ryuu shook his head, before pulling down the fire-escape stairs to head up them, forgetting about Chiniiro's strange behavior.

Translations: (For the curious and lost)

Hontoni: Really

Anata no namae: What is your name

desu: is, or in this case 'I am'

Hajimashite: Pleased to meet you

Doumo: Appreciation

Hai: Yes

Hai, wakatta. Summimasen. Ikimasu: Yes, I understand. Please excuse me, Im leaving now.

Iie: No

Ikimasu: I'm going home

gomen nesai: I'm sorry

hanase: Let go

Nani?: What?