WARNING! As usual I shall pretend to be a nice person and warn you about the rather obvious male/male relationships contained herein. I am adding an additional warning of language, so please take note. As always, flames will be used to terrorize the world we live in and burn down important buildings, landmarks and other such places.

Additional note and DISCLAIMER: This was done from an RP, me and a friend of mine occasionally return to. Thus, much as I would love to sing acclaim to my genius, not all the characters are mine. In actual fact, all feats of genius can be acclaimed to Kyrrissean while the rest can be blamed on me. K? I have been granted permission to attempt to rewrite this as a story. I certainly hope at least 'someone' enjoys this.

Crimson Rain

Chapter 2- Despair and Blood

It was several days before Chiniiro was once again seen in the bar. Gone was his cocky arrogant walk. Or at least until he once again recovered from the latest 'punishment' he had been given. He had failed the test. AGAIN. He almost crawled into the chair laying his head onto his arms and closing his eyes, desperately seeking at least momentary escape from the hell for his very existence.

"You look like you could use a pick-me-up..."

"No thanks."

Ryuu looked at him. "Suit yourself. I found something else to put in it, but suite yourself."

"Don't give a shit." Chiniiro retorted bitterly, not in the mood to deal with Ryuudou's abrasive manner.

Ryuu shrugged. "Okay, whatever."

Chiniiro allowed the oppressive silence to settle upon the atmosphere, giving a bitter mental laugh at the situation. Ryudou was not on his current list of favorite people at this point in time, seeing as he had taken punishment for no reason whatsoever. Ryuudou had not heeded his warning. Ryuu appraised him. Finishing his current task, he paused before Chiniiro. "Okay. Gomen ne."

"What for?" Chiniiro enquired bitterly, dull red eyes turning to inspect Ryuu.

Ryuu made a face. "You're obviously mad at me for not believing you."

"Whatever." Chiniiro dismissed him, not really appreciating an apology from a person that still did not believe him. He didn't appreciate Ryuudou's attempts at appeasement.

Ryuu rolled his eyes. "Gee, thanks. I can look after myself too, you know." Ryuu made a face before returning to work. "I don't need this." He muttered, rather disgruntled by Chiniiro's attitude.

"If you say so." Was the sarcastic response from the object of Ryuu's discontent. "Have fun in hell."

Ryuu paused rolling his eyes again. "I really don't get how you're the one to decide that I'm going there. Isn't that what religion is for?"

"I don't mean that hell though you might wish it was." Chiniiro spat back.

Ryuu made a face. "Okay, which bloody hell then?"

"The living one."

He shook his head, sighing. "Okay, the living kind. And why may I ask, am I going there?"

"Because you've been 'fortunate' enough," Chiniiro's voice practically dripped sarcasm, "to have been chosen and 'stupid' enough to ignore a friendly well meant warning."

"I can look after myself, I've managed well enough until now."

"Whatever you say." Chiniiro dropped the subject, not really having the energy to argue the point. To tell the truth, he no longer cared.

Ryuu made another face, silently placing a glass in front of Nii and returning to what he was getting paid to do. The glass was, however, ignored. Chiniiro wanted nothing to do with this silver haired bartender, anymore. Especially, as previously mentioned, said bartender was 'not' currently on Chiniiro's list of favorite people.

Ryuu's shift thus continued, finally ending with quite a bang one might say. The process of changing tenders resulted in a shattered bottle. The new tender knocked into Ryuu, making him drop the bottle he had been in the process of handling. Ryuu waved the replacement away. "No I'll get it." He stared at the red pattern forming on his hand. A red pattern seeping from the wound caused by the glass, flowing into the folds of his skin. Red. The color that was to define the rest of his existence hereafter.

Chiniiro's gaze shot towards Ryuu at the smell of blood. Seeing the cut his lips twisted unpleasantly as he snarled. "Get the hell out of here before its too late!" Grabbing Ryuu's wrist Chiniiro began to drag the confused youth towards the exit only to blanch at the sight of Baccus, standing in his way. "And where do you think you're going, my lovely?"

Ryuudou paused behind Chii, staring at Baccus. "I saw you go upstairs. How can you be down here?" He had his other palm pressed against the cut.

"Come, let me treat that for you." Baccus offered, charm flowing off of him with ease.

Chiniiro tensed; dread flowing through him as he awaited the inevitable. "I can take care of myself. Thanks but no thanks." Ryuu retorted slowly. Something about the entire situation simply didn't seem right. He couldn't put his finger on it, but its still wasn't right. Instinct was telling him to leave and to do it now.

"Oh come now. Don't be like that. Don't deny me the pleasure of your wonderful company for just a few moments. I insist." Baccus smiled at Ryuu, the message rather clear. Baccus did not intent to allow Ryuu to leave.

"Don't! Get out of here and," Baccus shot Chiniiro a warning look, ensuring Ryuu did not see. " Chiniiro ground out insistently, wincing at the pain that coursed through him due to his disobedience.

Ryuu's eyes lost focus, but the last 'run' pulled him back. "What?" He stared between the two before pulling away, stepping back towards the front entrance.

Baccus, seeing his spell had been broken, moved to catch his prey, only to have his path blocked by his 'toy'. "Move!" Baccus ordered, only to be faced with stubborn red eyes. Pain flared through Chiniiro causing him to gasp. However, he stubbornly stood his ground. This youth had granted him a few moments of forgetfulness, of peace, and now he decided to try and do what he should have done all those years ago.

Ryuu stared between them before doing the sensible thing and running. Running as fast as his legs would carry him. Away from a terror that, though unknown, was becoming more and more real. Something within him told him that he was in danger. Something carnal and instinctive. He paused about three blocks away to lean against the wall, looking at his hand. Carefully, he coping the molecules around the wound he watched his skin patch back together. Moments later the wound was gone as if it had never been.

Baccus leant casually against the wall beside Ryuu, arms crossed. "Did you enjoy your little run? I 'certainly' enjoyed the little chase. Not much of a challenge but enjoyable none the less."

Ryuu stared at him, horror momentarily freezing him in place. Momentary state of frozen time past, he stumbled back, tripping and landing on his ass in a puddle of water. "What the hell are you?"

"Why, hell, of course or did you really think Chini-chan was delusional." Baccus mocked him, prowling closer. He took his time, grinning to show off his teeth. He loved the smell of fear. The sweet heady scent of sheer terror.

Ryuu stared at him, his mind unable to comprehend and unwilling to accept what his eyes clearly saw as truth. "Vampires don't exist." He scrambled back, his hands sliding through the puddle. "Vampires don't exist." He repeated as if his mere words might once again enforce the natural order of the world.

"Of course we don't." Baccus was suddenly straddling Ryuu as he leant in, the sweet scent of fear and blood drawing him forward. He licked Ryuu's cheek, enjoying toying with his prey. "Mmmmm... so sweet. How could I resist..." His voice held a dreamy spellbinding quality, filtering his sadistic enjoyment throughout the horribly oppressive air.

Ryuu stared at him, desperation and survival instinct fogging his thoughts. His fingers tossed water into Baccus' face, altering its molecular structure slightly, so that it exploded in Baccus' face, giving Ryuu a chance to scramble out from beneath him and set off down the street at a dead run.

Baccus flinched at the sudden unexpected pain that coursed throughout him. Ignoring any would Ryuu's attack might have inflicted, he took chase, the wounds disappearing almost as quickly as they had been inflicted. He appeared before Ryuu, shaking a finger at him, as one would towards a wayward child. "Temper, temper. You 'really' should do something about that, you know."

Ryuu paused in his tracks, breathing hard, before staring at Baccus. His mouth moved, whispering softly. He lifted his hands. "I need a fucking wall right about now." He muttered, manipulating the water in the air. The water vapor in the air froze, blocking his view of Baccus as he set off at a run again. "Okay...vampires...vampires...crosses... churches..."

The wall succeeded in only temporary stalling Baccus. A sound akin to that of glass shattering could be heard from behind spurring Ryuu on the more. Before the sound had even managed to cease to echo throughout the night, Ryuu was held tightly against Baccus' chest.

"I'm tiring of this game." Baccus whispered into his ear, ending it rather effectively, by biting into the flesh of Ryuu's neck. The rich metallic taste of blood filled his mouth urging Baccus' to savor the capture and death of his prey.

Ryuu's breath hitched. He pushed desperately at Baccus, trying to get him off of him. His strength failed him and Ryuu finally succumbed to the dizzy disorientation that followed loss of blood. He swooned."

Baccus had no intention of letting his prey live. Not initially that is. It would be so wonderful to see the despair on his toy's face when Chiniiro discovered he had failed and another life had been lost because of him. Baccus smiled in gleeful anticipation, quickly lapping up the trickle of blood that escaped due to the momentary track his thoughts had taken.

Just as he began to enjoy his meal once again, a searing light burnt through him. True, not nearly strong enough to hurt... much that is, as the hunter was badly weakened and wounded. Not to even mention the sheer pain that was now undoubtedly coursing through the hunters body for even daring to attack his master.

A leer crossed Baccus' lips as a new plan of action began to formulate in his mind. Looking up, he was not surprised to spot Chiniiro on the rooftop. He had owned that spunky hunter for nigh on thirty years now. It was rather a miracle he had managed to capture him. He never would have managed without a little 'assistance' shall we say. Chiniiro had been the most feared hunter before his capture. Even the council had feared him.

It figured, he supposed, that such would not be that easy to break. True, the hunter now obeyed his commands. The hunter's hands were stained crimson with the blood of all the innocents he had taken under Baccus' orders. He'd even given up fighting it. But there was always a small part, a small stubborn hidden part in the hunter that Baccus had been unable to reach, let alone break. Maybe an opportunity to fully break his toy had finally presented itself. "You would endure the punishment of defying me, just to save one worthless boy?" He taunted.

Chiniiro was barely able to stand upright, let alone gather energy as waves upon waves of searing pain rolled over him. Defiance did not come cheap. Having little breathe to spare on conversation, he grabbed his blade in two hands in order to stabilize it as best he could in his current condition. He leapt off the building aiming to attack his master.

Baccus easily dodged the clumsy attack. Chiniiro's vision blurred, the pain bordering on unbearable. "What's so special about this one then?" Baccus taunted. "Why him and not the others? And let's not forget all those you've killed!"

Chiniiro swung blindly now. Baccus once again easily slipped beyond the reach of the silver blade. Baccus grabbed the silver haired youth and jumped out of Chiniiro's reach, his eyes gleaming in malicious glee. "Well, if you value his life so, I shall graciously grant your desire then." Baccus withdrew a small blade running it smoothly along his own forearm. He grinned at Chiniiro's outcry of horror; he really did like playing so, and let his blood pour down to land upon the youth's lips. He leant in towards the youth, watching as the moonlight reflected off the lovely silver strands.

Ryuu let out a soft sound, his movement controlled by a force greater that his own. His lips fastened around the wound, his eyes fluttering.

An agonized scream was ripped from a torn ragged throat, Chiniiro desperately gathering the slivers of energy he still possessed in order to attempt a last hopeless attempt to save the youth that had, in so little time captured and earned his attention. That and gratitude. Even death would be better than this. This could 'not be happening. He felt as if he had been seared and torn from the inside out, yet he still managed a few weak footsteps forward before stumbling and crumbling to the ground, blade clattering dully across the concrete. The sound echoing defeat and hopelessness as it was lost in the vastness and darkness of night and sin.

Baccus grinned, waiting for Ryuu to finish. He had been working for so long now. So long to try to completely break his toy. Who would have thought it would be so simple. Now... if he played his cards right... maybe, just maybe his Chini-chan would finally truly be within his grasp.

Ryuu opened his eyes, consciousness returning. He stared dazedly up at Baccus before letting out a soft pained sound, curling up on his side and into himself. He felt as though his insides were on fire. The world was too bright the one-second and dim the next, sounds blaring loudly in his ears before dimming once again.

Baccus grinned maliciously, standing up and dusting his hands off on his pants. He gave Chiniiro a cheeky little wave before wandering away, whistling a happy lilting tune as he went. Sometimes, in order to ensure total destruction, you needed to give your prey a little hope first. Hope that could later be shattered, torn and molded into such sweet bitterness.

Chiniiro, imitated Ryuu, folding in on himself. His body, finally winning the battle with his stubborn mind, convulsed painfully as he hurled bright red blood onto the ground beside him. Not long thereafter, darkness came to claim him. The world faded into nothingness, leaving Chiniiro's breath shallow and labored as his body shut down in order to wait for the healing cycle to begin. Shut down and wait for when he would hopefully, once again attain some energy.

And so it begins.