WARNING! As usual I shall pretend to be a nice person and warn you about the rather obvious male/male relationships contained herein. I am adding an additional warning of language, so please take note. As always, flames will be used to terrorize the world we live in and burn down important buildings, landmarks and other such places.

Additional note and DISCLAIMER: This is a rather slow chapter establishing the relationship of the characters. This was done from an RP, me and a friend of mine occasionally return to. Thus, much as I would love to sing acclaim to my genius, not all the characters are mine. In actual fact, all feats of genius can be acclaimed to Kyrrissean while the rest can be blamed on me. K? I have been granted permission to attempt to rewrite this as a story. I certainly hope at least 'someone' enjoys this. Now on to 'Crimson Rain'. Enjoy!

Crimson Rain

Chapter 22- Forgiveness

Neho smiled happily, basking in the sun and feeding the ducks. The ducks were all over him, playing with his clothes, his hair and in his lap. Neho chuckled lightly, sunlight shimmering off of his pale strands of hair.

"You're not nearly as violent with them." Remy's voice unexpectedly broke into the calm scene.

"They're not nearly as invasive as you." Neho countered.

"That one's in your lap and that one is chewing on you. How are they not invasive?"

"They're cute and fluffy."

"So are you."

Neho stuck his tongue out at Remy and continued to play with the ducks ignoring the statement. Remy blinked, before smiling and ruffling Neho's hair. Neho chuckled before bursting into outright full blown laughter, much to the displeasure of a few disgruntled ducks. He moved his head down and away from Remy's reach. Remy, not to be outdone followed and continued to ruffle Neho's hair. "Stop that, would you!" Neho burst out.

Remy touched Neho's nose. "Why?"

"Because I just brushed it."

"But it looks nice messy." Remy ruffled his hair again.

"Fine. Go right ahead then."

Remy smiled. "You're in a good mood."

"Yup. I'm happy" Neho practically glowed.

Remy smiled before sitting down beside Neho, whereupon he promptly got a duck dropped into his lap. Remy picked it up before calmly proceeding to have a conversation with it.

Neho frowned in puzzlement, cocking his head to the side and watching Remy, wondering what Remy was doing. When Remy chuckled lightly, curiosity got the better of Neho. "What are you doing?"

"Discussing the merits of brown or white bread."

"Right." Neho shook his head.

"He doesn't like the white as much. He's a bit of an outcast for it."

Neho promptly dug in his pockets at Remy's words and pulled out a piece of brown bread, handing it to the duck. The duck stole the bread, dragging it to the waterside. "You've lost your duck." Neho pointed out.

"It's not a problem."

"I see." Neho returned to playing with the ducks, completely ignoring Remy's presence. Remy watched him in silence. Several hours later Neho dropped back onto the grass, and fell asleep, several ducks curled up around him. Remy continued to amuse himself by watching Neho until Neho woke in the late afternoon, quirking his eyebrow at Remy and commenting dryly. "You really should get a life."

"I have one. I can do with it whatever I wish."

"Watching people sleep must be dreadfully boring."

"No. I had an interesting conversation with one of your bedfellows."

"Oh? What did the 'duck' say then?"

"That you have a very interesting mark on your calf and that he likes white bread and worms. They're not very critical thinkers."

"I'm sure the conversation must have been enthralling then." Neho turned away, trying to hide the blush that tinted his cheeks at the mention of the mark on his calf. His hand automatically moved to cover the mark.

"It was. They have 300 different ways to express the feeling of water between their toes."

"And I have 5968 ways of describing the feeling of sunlight."

"Okay… start…" Remy challenged. And thus Neho started, Remy listening to him. When Neho reached 1008, he licked his lips, speaking hoarsely, throat sore and dry, yet he foraged on, not wanting to admit defeat. Remy smirked, leaning forward to kiss Neho's cheek. Neho ignored the kiss, continuing to speak, swallowing in an attempt to lessen the pain in his dry throat. That was when Remy effectively silenced him by kissing him properly.

"Can I stop now?" Neho enquired hoarsely when Remy pulled back.


"Thanks." Neho stood up and headed off in search of water.

Remy followed, smiling. "So next time I want a kiss I need only ask for the other 4960?"

"That's practically brutal." Neho reprimanded him.

Remy smiled at that. "Bt it seems to be effective." Neho gave him the finger in response, dashing towards a tap. Remy chuckled and followed.

"Hmm." Neho hummed in pleasure as the cold water soothed his ragged throat. Remy snuck a hand onto Neho's lower back. "Hmm." Neho hummed once more, still distracted with the soothing water, water that was now dripping down his chin. "Better." He declared, getting up. Remy smiled at Neho, rubbing his back lightly. "Do you intend to continue to tempt me?" Neho enquired.


"What happened to the Remy that gave no quarter?"

"Huh?" Remy was confused.

"What happened to the dominant Remy I came to know and love?"

A slow smirk spread over Remy's lips. "His return can be arranged." Neho threw his head back, laughing lightly at the rather predictable response. Remy pulled him in to kiss him once more. Neho, for once, was rather co-operative and allowed Remy to kiss him… until, that is, a tin bounced off his head. He jerked back in surprise. Remy resisted the urge to laugh. "We might want to try somewhere less public." Neho blushed remaining silent and hiding behind his fringe. He gave Remy an embarrassed smile. "Any suggestions?" Remy continued.

"You're asking me?" Neho's eyes grew wide. "You should know better. What kind of stalker are you?" Remy chuckled lightly before taking Neho somewhere, the sensation of shifting almost like a quick jerk that took hold of your insides. "If you could do that…" Neho started, after taking a few moments to recover. "Why didn't you do it sooner?"

"Didn't feel like it." He stretched, letting go of Neho.

"Didn't feel like it?!" Neho was incredulous. "I suppose you thought I made a pretty litt;e target then?"

Remy frowned. "I don't follow."

"I got a 'tin' thrown at me, in case you did not notice."

"I don't see the future. How was I supposed to know that was going to happen?" Remy protested. Neho pouted, giving Remy his best imitation of puppy dog eyes. Remy raised an eyebrow at him before wrapping his arms around him and rubbing his back. "Poor baby…"

Neho scowled, grabbing the back of Remy's hair and pulling down, hard. "I'm not a baby." He stomped on his foot.

"You throw tantrums like one." Remy muttered, squinting at the pain.

"You ask for it." Neho kicked him in the shin, pulling violently out of his arms. "And all I wanted was some kissing and snuggling." He stormed off.

Remy sighed going after him. "Temper, temper." He sing-songed.

"Fuck you!" Neho called back.

"You can of you want." Remy retorted.

"Not anytime in the next 1000 years, moron!"

"Love you too!"

"Get a hearing aid!"

"There is nothing wrong with my hearing!" Remy retorted.

"That's what 'you' think! Cause if it's not your hearing it's your BRAIN!" Neho yelled back turning blindly, now completely lost. Remy chuckled at that, shifting to catch Neho around the waist. Neho promptly elbowed him. Although he made a sound of pain, Remy did not let go. "Just let me go, would you! You have already made your point quite clear!"

"Which point?" Remy enquired, confused.

"What you think of me."

"Which is?"

"Don't play stupid! Now let me go!" Remy got elbowed again.

"You're overreacting."

"Of course I am." Neho dripped sarcasm.

"Neho." Remy hugged him close. "Calm down."

"I. Am. Calm." Neho snapped.

"Not with that tone of voice."

"That's nice… just bloody peachy!"

Remy smiled. "Yes it is, momo. Now we need to clear this up."

"I'm NOT cleaning this warehouse!" Neho deliberately misunderstood.

"Not the warehouse, momo."

"Stop calling me PEACH!"

"Please lower your voice."


Remy smiled at Neho's rebellion. "Excellent vocal cords. You should become a singer."

"I WAS!"

Remy blinked. "Okay, tell me more."

"Why should I?" Neho demanded, sullenly.

"Because one should never give up on dreams." Remy stated. Neho fell silent, suddenly deflated. Remy continued to hold him as he spoke. "It's not too late, you know."

"Why do 'you' care?"

"Because it's you."

"I'm a 'child' remember? I'm more worthy to be mocked than loved."


"Not the impression you give me! It doesn't matter anyway. I wasn't that good anyway. Now will you kindly let me go?"

Remy pulled a face before pinning Neho to a wall. "The answer is 'no' again. You're too quick to anger."

Neho smiled sweetly. "Blame it on me taking on the traits of your hair colour." Remy smiled in turn before kissing Neho. Neho closed his eyes, keeping his lips angrily pursed together as he waited for Remy to finish. Remy kissed Neho's cheek instead. "You done 'clearing' this up yet?" Neho asked bitterly.

"No, you done getting lost?"

"I'm kinda stuck against the wall right now so I'd wager I'm done."

"Good. Find a sense of humor yet?"

Neho quirked his lip, eyes flashing. "Maybe, maybe not."

Remy nodded. "You took it badly. I didn't mean it like that."

"Remy, I know you didn't mean it like that, it's just that…" Neho looked sad. "You make everything into one big joke and I don't know 'what' to believe."

Remy considered this. "Fair enough." Neho leant against the wall he had been trapped against, hands behind his back as he silently watched Remy, waiting to see what Remy would do next. "If I wasn't serious, I'd have left after the first impact of your knee with my privates…" Remy stated.

"That's not what I meant." Neho shifted. "Either you stare at me or laugh at me. I don't know what to make of it."

Remy considered. "I'm not sure how to remedy that."

Neho sighed softly. "I guess this would be a good start."

"Well, it's as good as it's going to get." Remy hugged him. Neho, giving in, embraced him back, burying his face into the crook of Remy's throat causing Remy to smile.

"Hmm." Neho hummed enjoying the momentary truce. "Arigato."

"For?" Remy enquired.

"Don't ruin the moment." Neho muttered. "This, baka." Remy chuckled in response continuing to hold him. Neho rolled his eyes at the chuckle. "We're not very compatible, are we?"

"I think we'll do just fine."

"You're serious about the long term, aren't you?"

"My sides hurt."

Neho withdrew from Remy, disappointed and hurt. "You really don't like having serious conversations with me, do you?"

"I was being serious. I hurt. I would have given up before now if I wasn't serious."

Neho quirked an eyebrow, smiling softly. "Stubborn." He muttered returning to Remy's arms.

Ryuu pushed the door open before walking into the bedroom only to pause in shock at the figure on his bed. Chiniiro was seated on his bed arms wrapped around his knees wearing overtly large clothing that hid his hands and feet and hung off of his small frame in awkward angles. Dull red eyes looked at Ryuu, framed by jagged cut bright red hair. Ryuu stared. "What the…? What happened?!"

Chiniiro returned his stare for a moment before turning away. "I cleaned your house."

"No, not that! You… you…"

"I didn't leave anything out, did I?" Chiniiro enquired tonelessly.

"What have you done to your hair?" When Ryuu received only a pointed look in response he continued. "Just… why?" Chiniiro's only response was to shrug and turn away. "Nii-chan!"

"It's all I can do without taking you down along with me."

Ryuu stared at him, getting no further response. "Nii-chaaaaaan!"

"What?!" Chiniiro snapped.

"Crap…" Ryuu approached Chii before wrapping his arms around him. "You didn't have to do this. Whose clothes are these? Where is your sword?"

"Jun's. With Jun." Chiniiro responded to both questions.

Ryuu pulled a face at the response. "Crap."

Chiniiro shrugged. "You were mad at me so… I wanted to stop being… me. Jun hates me. My parents hate me…"

"Your parents don't hate you. And I love you…"

"You weren't there."

Ryuu sighed. "I'm sorry."

Chiniiro shrugged once more speaking softly. "It's not your fault. I fucked up… They disowned me. Told me I should have been more like Jun."

"You went to see them?"

Chiniiro nodded once. "I was no longer kept from doing so by the collar."

"And they told you they wanted you to be more like that c(& sucking betraying runt?"

Chiniiro couldn't help but smile before quickly schooling his face into a disapproving frown. "Not exactly in those words, no."

Ryuu looked at him. "No, mommy and daddy innocently eat his bullshit when he says it's your fault. That's not fair!"

"Life's not fair, Ryuu. Deal with it."

"No… I'll bloody well go talk to them…"

"I don't really care."

"You cut your hair! Don't give me that crap!"

"My parents had very little to do with my new haircut." Chiniiro stated coldly.

"I'm gonna kill Jun!"

"Jun has got nothing to do with it either! He looked really confused when I gave him my blade." Chiniiro added dryly.

"Not Jun?" Ryuu blinked. "Dare?"


"Iie, daremo jya arimasen. Dare desu ka?"

Chiniiro shrugged. "It does not matter."

"Yes, it does!" Ryuu insisted.

"Drop it, Ryuu." Chiniiro snapped.

"No! Who is it?" When Chiniiro responded with stony silence, Ryuu's frustration began to show. "For fuck's sake, Nii-chan!"

"Fine. Me. Happy now?"

"No, because you are lying."

"I'm not lying. I came home. You were not here. I realized I seriously fucked up and decided I didn't want to be ME anymore. End of story. It suits me more anyway. The colour of blood! The colour of my blood soaked hands, eyes, NAME!" Chiniiro snapped.

Ryuu looked at him quietly before fastening his hands around Chii's hair. "It doesn't suit you at all."

"It matches my eyes." Chiniiro stated with dry sarcastic humour.

"Not anymore it doesn't." At Ryuu's words, Chiniiro blinked at Ryuu in confusion. Ryuu gave him a small smile. "I like it better blue, and you don't need that name anymore."

"Tough luck. It's staying red. I'm NOT re-dying it." Chiniiro retorted sullenly.

"You don't have to." He gave Chii a poke. "I was thinking… you need a new name."

"What for? The current one suits me just fine." Chiniiro turned away from Ryuu to stare out the window.

"Doesn't. I even picked one out." Chiniiro pretended to ignore Ryuu, secretly paying avid attention. "Want to know what I picked?" Chiniiro didn't respond to the prompt from Ryuu, trying to act like he didn't care. "Aren't you curious?"

'Nope.' Chiniiro thought, still ignoring Ryuu.

Ryuu chuckled picking up on the thought. "Anata no atarashi namae wa Kasui desu."

"Kasui?!" Chiniiro could not help but react.

"Hai, hai, Ryuudou to Kasui desu."

"Flowing stream? You're joking, right?"


"I see." Chiniiro resorted to Neho's usual response.

"Hai, hai." Ryuu embraced him from behind. "Kasu-chan."

"I see." Chiniiro repeated, trying to swallow past the lump in his throat.

"Kasu-chan, Kasu-chan, Kasu-chan."

"You don't hate me?" Chiniiro managed to speak past the lump in his throat.

"Mad at and hate are not the same…"

Chiniiro started to cry at Ryuu's words. When Ryuu held him close, Chiniiro buried his face in his hands. "You 'hate' my hairstyle!"

"Well, it's not as bad, now that it's no longer red."

Chiniiro blinked at him through his tears, rather confused by the statement. "Not red?"

Ryuu pulled a face. "There is icky red dye collecting on the floor. Didn't you notice?"

"What did you do?" Chiniiro exclaimed staring at the red dye that lay upon the floor.

"I took it out. That stuff is ick. I don't even want to think of what it is made of."

Chii glared at him. "It matched my eyes, it took me 'forever' to find.

"It's icky."

"It took me forever to match. I only found one place that sticks that shade of red."


"Okay, it's icky." Chiniiro sniffed. "I dyed it because I thought you hated me, anyway."

"I love Kasu-chan!" He hugged him. "I have to do something about the length now."

Chiniiro shook his head. "It's okay." He sniffed again. "It will grown back… eventually."

Ryuu sniffed. "It will take looooooooong…"

"I know." Chiniiro shrugged giving a dry laugh. "Maybe I should think twice before giving up my entire identity the next time you're mad at me."

Ryuu nodded. "That might be good."


"Yup… I get pissed a lot."

Chiniiro winced. "Ouch… And I'm Dom?"


"Huh?" Chiniiro was confused. Ryuu's only response was a smile. "Ryuu?!" Chiniiro prompted for more.


"What do you mean by presently?"


"Now, I'm 'sure' there is something." When Ryuu only smiled he continued. "Ryuuuuuuuuuuuuu…" Ryuu chuckled, poking him in the side and running to the living room and hiding himself behind the couch. Chiniiro simply tracked him using the link, not moving from where he was seated. Ryuu got up and returned to the bedroom door, tossing a couch cushion at Chiniiro. "Hey!" Chiniiro protested. Ryuu ran back to his hiding place behind the couch. "Hope it's comfortable!" Chiniiro called out after him. Ryuu returned to toss a second cushion at Chii, before going back to his hiding place. "And I hope you run out of cushions!" Chiniiro called only to have a third tossed at him. "That's three! Only three more left!" He called.

"Then I start throwing chairs." Ryuu called back, tossing a fourth.


"And cutlery."

"Still two." When Ryuu tossed the fifth, Chiniiro smiled and called back. "One!" Ryuu promptly returned to the bedroom, seating himself in Chiniiro's lap. He pushed him back and put the sixth pillow on top of his chest lying down upon it. "What happened to chairs and cutlery?""

""I'm tired."

"And there go all your plans of grandeur."

"Nope, this is way better than the last plan."

"I thought you were mad at me."

"Bed's don't talk." Chiniiro sat up at Ryuu's words only to have Ryuu continue. "But my bed can because I love him very much."

Chiniiro wrapped his arms around Ryuu. "Arigatou."


"Not killing me for cutting my hair."

"Oh… I'm sleepy…"

"I take it I should run while you're asleep then?"

"Nope, beds don't run."

"Mates that are about to be killed, do."

"But, you're a bed."

"Only until you fall asleep." Chiniiro pointed out. "Then I'll be a really scared mate in search of wigs and glue."

"No, you'd still be a bed, I'm not moving."

"I never said 'you' would be moving."

"I'll hold on really tight."

"I'll pry you off."

"You'll need a crowbar." Ryuu retorted.

"I'll find one."

"And help." Ryuu added.



"What do you mean he won't?"

"He'll know better. I'm clingy and I'll throw another hissy fit when I wake up."



"Can we have sex after?" Chiniiro asked.

Ryuu chuckled. "Wanna have sex now?"

"You're tired." Chiniiro pointed out.

"Never too tired for sex."

"Sex is hard work."

"No it's not."

"And required a lot of physical energy." Chiniiro added.

Ryuu nodded. "I'm sure we will manage."

"I never said I can't manage. I'm more worried about your frail constitution."

"Hey!" Ryuu protested. "Who's frail?"

"You… You 'are' tired." Chiniiro pointed out once more.

"You're not allowed to offer me sex and then say I'm tired."

"I'm not the one that originally said you were tired. You did."

"You're the one that asked for sex."

"Yes… after you have rested and finished throwing your hissy fit."

Ryuu sniffed before closing his eyes. Five minutes later he got up, stormed out and slammed the door behind him. Two minutes later he came back sitting down on Chiniiro once more. "Ima?" Ryuu pulled a face when Chiniiro burst out into laughter.

"Next time you tell me you are tired I will be sure to wake you after five minutes." Chiniiro commented still chuckling.

"Sekusu o shitai desu." Ryuu whined.

"Now you're just whining."

Ryuu sniffed. "Asobi jya arimasen."

"What would be fun then?"

"Sekusu desuyo."

"Oh alright." Chiniiro gave in, grabbing Ryuu and pulling him down into a kiss. Ryuu kissed back with rapidly rising hunger, wrapping his arms around Chiniiro. It was a little while before Chiniiro withdrew, face bright red as he tried to voice his thoughts. "I… have a… question."

"Hmm?" Ryuu nipped at his jaw.

"You're distracting me!" Ryuu continued to kiss Chiniiro, planting a kiss to on the side of his mouth. "I want to talk to you, damn it… please?" Chiniiro pleaded.

Ryuu kissed his chin. "Then talk…" He nipped at his adams apple.

"Stop kissing me for a moment." Chiniiro swallowed. "Would you?" Ryuu's only response was to bite his neck instead. "Listen for a minute… only a minute…" Chiniiro pleaded desperately. Ryuu pulled back a bit, licking the marks he had left. "Ryuuuuu!"


"A minute, that's all I ask."

"That's long."


"I'm counting… 1…. 2…"

"Ryuu!" Chiniiro protested looking hurt.

"Okay, okay…"

"I wanted to ask…" Chiniiro whispered, face turning bright red once more and looking everywhere except at Ryuu. "… anou… if… anou… we could… anou…"

Ryuu looked at him asking. "Could?"

"Try it… um… anou… theotherway?" Chiniiro was giving fire engines a run for the money in the bright red department.

"The other way?"

Chiniiro shifted, going an even brighter red. "Sekusu desuyo."

Ryuu blinked. "You'll let me top?" When Chiniiro only bit his own lip in response, Ryuu prompted further. "Kasu?"

"Anou…" Chiniiro shifted. "maybe…" Ryuu grinned before kissing him. Chiniiro withdrew once more to ask. "Is that… a yes?" Ryuu nodded kissing him again. Chiniiro kissed him back, a thread of trepidation echoing down the link. Ryuu used the link in order to try sooth Chiniiro's worry, touching him gently. Pure love flowed right back at Ryuu as Chiniiro let his gratitude echo back, even though, his fear could not entirely be soothed. Experience was a difficult thing to overcome. Ryuu deepened the embrace before withdrawing. "Ryuu?" Chiniiro enquired uncertainly.

"It will be okay." Ryuu soothed.

Chiniiro bit his lip for a moment before responding. "I know… I'm just… scared."

"I know." Ryuu kissed him lightly before gently coaxing him to relax with lips and gentle touches. Chiniiro gave himself over to the moment created by the one he trusted like no other. The one who had seen the worst of him and still chosen to remain with him. The only person he had left, that he could trust.

Ryuu curled up against Chiniiro after they were done, Chiniiro had let his eyes drift closed, breathing softly. "Anou…" He ventured.


"It was… nice." Chiniiro sounded surprised.

"Told you." Ryuu mumbled.

"You don't sound too impressed." Chiniiro's pout was clearly audible.

"I'm sleepy." Ryuu mumbled in response.

"Told you, you should have slept before." Chiniiro muttered before giving in to his suspicions and asking… "Want more?"

Ryuu opened one eye. "Can we? After I throw my hissy fit tomorrow if you're gone when I wake up?" Chiniiro burst out into laughter at the response, giggling like crazy. "Hmm…" Ryuu closed his eyes once more. "Not funny…" Chiniiro continued to giggle like crazy, all the tension and fear he had felt just rushing out along with the relief he felt. "Kasu-chaaaaaaaan." Ryuu protested.

"Wha… its… hil…ar… ious…" Chiniiro managed between giggles.

When Ryuu's sniff causing Chiniiro to laugh even more, Ryuu pulled a face. "Meanie."

Chiniiro instantly stopped laughing, flushing in shame. "Gomen ne."

Ryuu blinked. "Nani?"

Chiniiro shifted. "Sumimasen." He apologized again.

"Don't follow…"

"I was out of line. I had no reason to be mean to you."

Ryuu blinked again. "You know I'm not really offended, right?"

"You're not?"

"No… you should know…"

Chiniiro pulled a face. "Didn't bother to check." He admitted.

Ryuu smiled. "Love you!"

Chiniiro turned onto his side, burying his nose into Ryuu's hair. Breathing in deeply he hummed. "Me too. Very, very much."

Translations: (For the curious and lost):

momo: peach

baka: idiot

Dare: who

Daremo: No one

Iie, daremo jya arimasen. Dare desu ka: It's not no one, who is it?

Anata no atarashi namae wa Kasui desu: Your new name is Kasui

Hai, hai, Ryuudou toKasui desu: Yes, yes, Ryuudou and Kasui (Please note the root meaning of Ryuudou is flowing and the root meaning of Kasui is stream)

Iie: No

Hai: Yes

Arigatou: Thank you

Ima?: Now?

Sekusu o shitai desu: I want sex

Asobi jya arimasen: I'm not having fun

Sekusu desuyo: Sex

Nani: What

Sumimasen: I'm sorry

Apology: Long story short. Broken landline (Hence no internet), stubborn landline provider (Took three weeks before they even came to look at it.), bad feedback from supervisor (keeping me really busy trying to fix a dissertation that is ALREADY late) and summer school teaching… Please forgive me… things still in chaos but taking a break to update…

Lunisa moon: Thank you for sticking by me… this story is nearly done, so there is hope yet… please don't give up on me.

merrymowmow: You will be proud to know that its is your request that kicked me back into gear. Reading a review at such a late stage made me desperate to at least make a little time to update…