Author's Notes: incoherent mumbling When I get given a pen and a piece of paper and it is the most inappropriate time to write (11 p.m. on a school night) that is when the words flow from brain juices to pen ink.

It's amusing to see what you write when you're half asleep. But I spose that is the time when one can truly access their subconscious! So please delve into my thought space enjoy this story.

Gather around andfeel the warmth and love!

Btw you may need to know a bit about string theory before you read this...

And that's how he ended up staring at a brick wall.

There was nothing to anticipate, nothing to doubt. So he turned off the lights and stared out his window, at his brick wall.

He observed many wonderful things.

He recognised that those bricks were really just made up of tiny atoms made up of even tinier strings that exist within sixteen dimensions that you can't possibly even imagine, because to imagine one must first experience.

He realised one thing, or maybe perhaps two. Firstly, he noted that he would never find true love and this is because of something rather simple, mathematical law. You can't beat it. As he was staring at those perfectly straight bricks, he realised they were placed in perfectly straight lines joining with other bricks at perfectly straight edges. He pondered that it was like he, he was on one of those edges and his true love was on the one beneath him. And they were both walking along perfectly straight parallel lines.

And parallel lines, he realised, never meet.

Every lonely soul was walking along their line so cruelly close to finding what they wanted, true love, but never being able to touch it.

What he didn't realise, and wouldn't realise until he met Toby was that he was hardly walking along a straight edge. Far from it in fact. He was walking perhaps down the least straight line you could ever imagine.

But he couldn't imagine that yet because he hadn't experienced anything far from straight, because to imagine one must first experience.

And as he resolutely walked away from his window he felt an inkling. An inkling of a feeling too exciting and too brilliant to be remembered. In the space of point two seconds he felt the inkling of reasoning.

Perhaps if one wanted to find true love one would have to walk down the "not quite straight" path, the not quite parallel path. For if mathematical reasoning concludes, that if there are two non-parallel lines next to each other, they very well may meet at a point.

But because it was too late at night and often when one makes a brilliant conclusion one ends up coming full circle, thus completing the idea but then starting at the beginning of the thought again, he forgot this perhaps as instantly as he thought of it.

The ghost of an inkling however, lingered and it nagged him until he felt he had to do something about it. And for some reason he just couldn't stop thinking about Toby. Geeky Toby, with the shaggy brown hair and serene grey eyes and who had never paid any attention to anyone except the teacher. Toby, who didn't have any friends and acted like he didn't care about it, even though he knew he did.

So he set up about a list for himself with one simple goal at the top, Meet Toby. Then he pondered for a bit and wrote a second goal, Find true love.

To anyone else who read his list one would have read it as; Meet Toby. Find true love. But because he was thinking along the lines of straight edge right now he couldn't imagine that someone might read it that way. And because he couldn't imagine that meeting Toby could mean finding true love it meant that he hadn't experienced anything "not quite straight" yet.

And because he felt an inkling and realised what he wrote down wasn't quite straight, it meant that he was experiencing thoughts that weren't exactly straight edge.

And then he realised you didn't need to experience something to imagine it. And for the first time he realised how beautiful Toby was. Toby, just another lonely soul like him, walking down his own parallel line never to meet his true love. And that to him, was almost too unbelievably sad.

But right now, to him the possibilities were endless. He was existing in the sixteenth dimension dancing in the stream of his thoughts with his fellow strings. He realised that if you couldn't beat law, you could revel in theory. And so he began experiencing his newest mental state – the sixteenth dimension and he could say for once in his life he was feeling not quite straight.

He was no longer traveling in parallel lines. He was traveling in the sixteenth dimension. With strings that curved and moved, that were dynamic and interrelated, that were unpredictable and most definitely probable.

It meant that he was no longer traveling along a perfectly straight line, but instead one that would have bumps and cracks in it, twists and turns, highs and lows, fissions and decisions and boundless crossroads.

Hepressed his forehead to the windowand he realised, none of the bricks were straight, none of them were perfect, none were parallel, but were seemingly so from a distance. He realised he would eventually meet another line, another life at point...

When tomorrow would come, he would say hello to Toby. The collision course of two lives was set. Their destination simply, true love.

And that's how he ended up marveling at the brick wall.

"That crack in the pavement is the Earth smiling at you."