Sister, Save Me

Just listen for a moment,

And you will begin to see,

That all I did to help you,

Is now bringing death to me.

Your wounds wide-open, bleeding,

You screamed out loud my name.

I forgot all that I needed,

Rushing to your aid.

A tiny drop of poison,

Mixed in the tears you shed.

Since you have grown immune to it,

It makes me ill instead.

I gave you all my strength.

I offered all my blood.

I saved you from a certain death,

And this is my reward?

You don't seem to understand why,

It's you that I accuse.

You insist that you loved me,

But I know that I've been used.

I am left here bleeding.

I am weakened and in pain.

It only makes it worse,

That your poison's in my veins.

Now I have been abandoned,

And you haven't healed my wounds.

Death has not arrived yet,

But I'm sure it's coming soon.

I'd rather die then have to live,

Watching you walk away.

Since now your back is turned to me,

You can't hear what I say.

Every word I utter,

Is pleading for your return.

They tie me to a stake,

And you just stand and watch me burn.

I scream out, "Sister, save me!"

But your face twists in disgust.

Do you feel pain to look and see,

That I've turned into dust?

Sisters we once swore to be,

But now that time is gone.

Friendship you once swore to me,

But now that friendship's done.

Why do I still cry out your name,

While crying in the night?

I try to see your face,

But it's fallen out of my sight.

This isn't about a sister, as you probably figured out. This is about a friend of mine who used to be very close to me-my best friend, in fact-and she and I had a falling out. Mostly because I'm bi and she's a Christian. Not that she said that to my face, but I think that's what created the problem in the first place. I wish I knew for sure why she started ignoring me, but that's my best guess. I would like to see her again, just to find out even, and I miss her sometimes, but I doubt she misses me.

It's sort of an acrostic poem, but I doubt anyone would notice that without my help. LOL. She would know if she saw it, but then again, she'll never see it. Oh, well.