I'm a sickness,

I'm disease

I've left your preachers

On Their Knees

I'm execution

For your lies


Lord of Flies

I'm just a bitch,

A fucking cunt

I've preyed on lives

The Proverbial runt

I'll never drop down,

Never stop

I'm forever the locust

On your crops.

I'm not your princess

No brand new seed

I'm a defective copy

Of a human breed

I'm the brand new crop

That you'll never spread

Spit on me, Degrade

And you'll Leave me for Dead

I'm a sickness

I'm disease

Contribute to the unrest

Of you bastards as I please

Don't expect me to attone

For your fucking worldly sins

Don't expect me to attone

For what you've shoved within

I am everything you couldn't be,

The posterchild for inequality

And reverence doesn't mean shit to me

Fuck you, and all you're afraid to be.

Fuck you for all that you've done to me.

So don't expect me just to smile

When you wipe away the lies,

I'll steal the sun out of your world,

Burn the bullshit out of your eyes.

Your morals don't stand shit for me,

Your laws don't mean a thing.

I'll topple your monopolies

I'll crucify your king.

So judge me all you want,

Your grieveances don't pay no heed.

I'll never stand for anything,

That doesn't fit my needs.

I'm a sickness,

I'm disease

Contributions for unrest,

Wicked bastards had to please.

Don't expect me to attone

For all your asinine new sins

Don't expect me to forget

The bullshit that you've put within

I am everything you're afraid to be

The posterchild for inequality

And Jesus isn't worth shit to me

Fuck you and all you've done to me.

Fuck you for being what you're made to be.

Fuck all the lies you're created in me.

So Fuck your world,

It doesn't mean shit to me.