Random Poetry by Lami

AN: This is the latest installment of Random Poetry. NB: Not valid as evidence in a court of law as proof of insanity.

May the devil be your judge... with another bag of bricks

Homines id quod volunt credunt


I cannot look upon thy face
Instead I idle patterns trace
Upon the soft silk of thy bed
White as the snow, and softy tread

As I depart, but turn to say
In whispered words, I won't delay
But swiftly to your side return
And send you on your way, in turn

How doth my heart yearn just to see
You once more carefree, happy be
Yet of the smiles that graced thy face
Has ought but sorrow left a trace?

How shall I answer when they ask
And who appointed me the task?
The color you prefer, what song?
What words to say. What if I'm wrong?

You know the memory blessed be
When your clear eyes first turned to me
I know you'd smile and comfort me
You'd say 'I trust you don't you see?

The flowers matter not to me
So long as all that loved me be
As sure I loved them back, and you
A thousand times as much, still do.'

The memory of your soft voice
Some faculty of thought employs
That drowns out ev'n the mournful song
Of violins and all the throng

That crowd around me as I take
My place and slowly make
My way towards the alter where
The priest awaits and say my prayer

And make my vows and hope you know
All that the church forbids to show
In words, in thought I whisper to you
Please hear me. Please believe me. Do you?

Through the roses, lilies, white
And whiter snow that's pure and bright
I walk beside you, ever true
Now and hence forth I'll be to you

It is the last time, dearest friend
And I should choose my heart to rend
In half, than leave you there beneath
The lonely frozen earth and weep.

The night comes quickly off to send
The pious mourners, yet I stand
And wonder how my heart goes on
As I read your name, carved in stone.


Gray sky of morning weighs down on my soul
Walk away only
Thinking of home

Where shall I turn? West where the light
Has long since died
Sun hidden from sight?

East where tomorrow it should rise again
What if all hope and prayer
Is in vain

South then where warm sweet breezes dwell
Will I be welcome?
How can I tell?

Lead me true north, my guiding star
But the sky is cast over
Can't see where you are.

You were my compass but now that you're gone
I have to choose
My direction alone.

I couldn't follow you, now it's too late.
So I'll take a step forward
And leave it to fate.

III:The walk:

Maybe the world will end for me
Like it does for everything
I know it will eventually
And maybe I want it to

But at least for now I'm free
Soaring on the wind
Of my last breath.

How long is one moment
Of pure agony?
It can stretch for decades,
But then I can walk for miles.

The autumn leaves are pretty
Strewn across my path
Like some metaphor
For my broken heart

I would that I could fly away
Of course, I can but walk.
And I can't find the words to say
Though I don't want to talk

I scream in side
And fly so high
Just in my head
And then I sigh
And passers by
Must wonder why
And all that rhymes!
I think sometimes
I should just take
The exit sigh
That's marked in red

But then I'd miss
The winter rain
The summer's mist
And endless pain

At least I'm free
And I can fly
If only ever
In my mind

Leed on my path
You're always here
For me and other's
That might share
The doubt, the freedom and the fear
Beyond that turn who knows what's there
Horizons fall, the sun's rays glare
Maybe you're leeding me somewhere
For now I'm glad that I don't care
So if you see my vacant stare
I've reached the end, and found peace there.


My shining star
Burn bright for me
Sing me a pretty melody

All that is mine
I give to you
My heart, my soul, my freedom too.

Least you should leave
Here is a chain
A lock, a key. You think I'm sane?

You pierce my heart
You burn my skin
Destroy my soul from deep within

You make me do
Things that cause hurt
And sin fit only for hell's court

But my cruel love
You've but to smile
Sing me a pretty melody

All be it lies
I think you'll find
I meet my death quite willingly

Please wrap the noose
Around my neck
I'd die for you most happily.