Naive young words used to reside here

I thought I loved you once

A thought

Stuck in my brain like so much gum

A wad of chewed up feelings

Where has the flavor gone?

Obsessed with a feeling of


Tell me what we are



Or future lovers?

Pulling away

Drifting on a sea of separation

I think I've lost you for good

If I ever had you in the first place

You've walked away from me so many times

I can see you footprints

Etched here, in my mind's eye

A portrait of desertion

How can I forgive that?

But I do

Over and over and over

I forgive you

The sweet boy from my childhood

Who used to play with me

Back in the days

Of riding bikes

And ice cream trucks

With overly loud bells

When we were brother and sister

No complications

Just rocky road