Underneath a weeping willow tree,
She peeks out, her blonde hair white in the moonlight,
Her laughter sweet and bright
And the stars do smile when they see her
She is precious, they feel

Who is this child, for whom the world turns?
A beacon in the cold night,
The reason the darkness turns to light

She doesn't know her innocence
She lets life lead her to her destiny
Hope and faith are the paths she takes

But her road stops suddenly
With the war's beginning
And she knows that she cannot live forever…
Where will love go now?
Dissolve in the middle of the war?
Or find a way to come back stronger?

No, she sits silently above
Watching the world go by
Letting the days turn quietly to nights
Seeing who makes it through alive

Come back, love, the stars often plead
And they rain tears of sorrow
For the life she has abandoned
But love turns away, becoming misery

And misery, an ordinary stranger,
Lets the wounds bleed
Instead of love's soft words of comfort,
Misery lets the world hurt

And the stars, they cry
They rain tears of sorrow,
And the stars, they sigh
Thinking of the world of tomorrow

Love, if you're listening, they say
Remember to think of us and pray
We're waiting anxiously for your arrival
Please come home…the world is lost without you

A/N: Hmm...yeah, it kind of fell apart for me at the end...the last stanza was really bad, in my opinion, but overall, it was apretty interesting piece to write and just came out of nowhere (I love it when that happens). It's different from what I'd normally write because I don't typically tend to use a lot of personification, so I'd really appreciate some feedback and constructive criticism. (Reviews are always reciprocated.) Thanks for reading, and have a great day! :-)