You're Under my Skin

Your hand in mine,

It feels so divine,

You give me butterflies,

All of the time,

I can't help it,

It feels so right,

The warmth of your arm,

Slung over my shoulder,

Just your touch,

Makes my heart turn over.

The smile on your face,

The shine in your eyes,

Makes my heart race,

And my tongue tied.

It's giving me chills,

It's throwing me off,

You've broken my will,

And it's just such a thrill.

I can't concentrate,

You've put my life on standstill,

And my nerves are on fire,

This chase of you is making me tire.

Save me from this madness,

Quench my thirst,

Keep my brain afloat,

Before my heart bursts.

Can't you see,

How you've broken in,

What a way to be,

You're under my skin.

Wrote this for a really cool kid I like ;) and I'm sure the people who read this (namely Kels and Kris) know who its for :-D I also wrote it because I was inspired and bored out of my mind in Austin because kwood doesn't have power so no one is online and stuff and yea thats it.. enjoy, R and R, por favor!

-Mucho Love, Lucy