She sat on her bed, waiting for sleep to finally come. Darkness surrounded her, for the light of the crescent moon kept disappearing like an old magician's trick. The clouds outside were moving, but they still blanketed the sky. She could see nothing, but she knew the rain was outside because she could hear it pounding on the roof in anger and agony. Fear held her as its prisoner. She feared the unknown around her. Most of all she feared the silence, the loudest sound of all. Her ears were slaves to it, overpowered easily. It made her hurt, deep down inside. Silence held the key that opened all of those locked doors in her mind of memories. Things she had forgotten, things she thought she had put behind her, things she never wanted to remember again. But silence was a predator, weaving in and out of those doors, opening things to eat her alive. Was she insane? Was she just plain mad? No. She couldn't lose this battle. She had to keep fighting. But it's hard to fight an enemy that you can't see, that you can only feel. So she pulled the blankets that comforted her closer. As if they were a barrier that protected her – from the cold and the war going on inside of her. Her eyes swung from side to side, but which is worse – an enemy that you can look straight in the eyes and watch it destroy you slowly, or an enemy that you don't even know is there? She squeezed her eyelids shut, held them down for a few seconds, and opened them again. They were a lot harder to open now then the last time. This was a battle she wanted to lose. A battle she had to lose, for sake of her sanity. She wanted the night to end. She wanted to give in. She wanted to give up. And she did.