Hey everyone, I hope someone is reading this I would like some reviews, I have written songs (mostly fragments and not whole songs) for about 4 or 5 years, so about 1/3 of my life and I have only let one person read them, but I really would like some advice on whether they are good and you could help me make them better and into whole songs. So here is my first song. It's not titled.


I can not find the words to explain how I feel

So I'll just do the best I can

Have you ever felt alone

All alone in the world


(Spoken overlapping) For just one reason/For only one reason

Because letting someone in

Let's pain in too

'Cause letting you in

Let's more pain in than I want to



Never have I felt like I belonged

Just a stranger, all alone

A visitor in someone else's life

I could never belong



I wish I had someone

Someone who really knows me

But no one really knows

'Cause no one wants to know


So there you go. PLEASE REVIEW! I also would like to find someone who knows a lot about righting songs that could help me. Thanks!