"Wisked Away"

As I look back, I wonder, "What went wrong? Did I say something?" I used to smile, laugh, play: what happened? 'Shit happened, dipfuck' I heard my voice proclaim. My blonde hair, that came waist length, fell lifeless on my shoulders. My azure eyes were bloodshot and puffy from all the silent tears that threathened to spill. My black skirt flapped against my bare legs from the winter wind. The bitter cold nipped at my nose, which was turning pink, and my heart shaped lips were turning a faint blue. 'Not like you care' the voice, again, spoke with the icy edge that made your skin crawl. "But I do care", I heard myself say. I was surprised at my own voice. The chilly weather must have gotten to my throat, because when I uttered those words, my voice was harsh, raspy, and not the happy, cheerful delight that it was. 'You, happy? HA!' I cringed at the words that I could only hear. There was once a time that I thought the world could never harm me, when I knew that love finally found me. He was my world, my one and only. With his lushious, deep brown hair and stunning mismatched eyes, I instantly fell into an attraction to him. His eyes: one hazel, one green, complimented him well. You knew his mood when you looked into his eyes. In a good mood, they were a swirl of colors, in a milky-like substance. You could get lost so easily in those pools of happiness. But when he was angry, there was no color; as if he didn't know what emotion meant. He was so distant, so unhuman like. He always was that way. Friends would ask me "Why do you stay with him? You don't deserve him." I would just shrug my shoulders and reply, "He's the only one for me." They would just shake their heads and leave. I lost friends that way. He always said that I wasn't good enough for them, that I was too mature for them. 'And you believed him, didn't ya?' Yes, I believed him. He seemed, so sure, so confident that I couldn't turn him away. Everyday I learned something wonderful about him, something amazing. His kisses, oh his kisses were so sweet, like sugar melting on your tongue. He was gentle in everyway, he treated me as if I would break, like I was made of glass and I was a treasured jewel. In return, I gave him all that I had in me, all the love that I felt for him went solely to him.

Then, he changed.

My parents tried to warn me, but I didn't, wouldn't listen. I just couldn't believe that this man, this man that I love so much, would be so... so abusive. At first, he was just really posessive. Then it became stalker-like. Before I knew it, I was ending up in hospitals, he was a wanted man for robbing a bank, grand theft, arson, and murder. Even now, I wonder what went wrong, what I had done wrong. He was always coming home drunk, stumbling and swaying with a beer in his hand. He would see me, and say, "What you starin' at? Huh? What you starin' at bitch!" Then he would slap me around like I was just a toy doll. I still have bruises and scars from him. 'If it was so bad, why didn't you leave?' Good question: why didn't I leave? I had thought about it so many times, but each time I did, things seemed to go good again, and I never left. now, as I look out at the vast sea of black, I wish I had left, or I wouldn't be here. hell, if I had never met him, things would be so much different. 'Different? yeah, right. how?' "I don't know" I whispered to no one in particular. The raging waters sprayed the cliff, sending water spots on my frail body. It sent shivers up and down my spine, and I closed my eyes and let the tears fall.

It would be the last time that I would ever have to cry.

The ocean scene looked at if it were from a magazine. The ocean raged, causing substanial waves crashing into the sea cliff. Erosion was obvious on the tower that hovered over the jaded rocks below. Grass toppled near the edge, as if bowing down to the king of the sea. The sky above was overcast. Lighting flashed across the midst of grey, and thunder could be heard from miles away. Wind blew furiously, carrying the promise of bad omen. Atop the cliff stood a girl of 18. She was tall, about 5'9'', with a milky tank top that clung to her curves nicely. She stood still, head hung, shivering slightly. Her face was hollow, jaw taut, eyes sunken. She scrutinized the briny deep, taking deep breaths of the salty evening air. Her arms hung loosely at her side, swaying from the winds strong current. In what seemed like hours, she took out a picture of a man with mismatched eyes, and caressed it lovingly. For a moment, her eyes turned soft, as if remembering a good time in the past. Tears racing down her cheeks, she gave the picture to the wind, letting it carry it to a destination. Taking gentle steps, she reached the brim of the cliff, and longingly looked beyond. Taking in a sharp breath, she plunged backwards to her fate that lay below.

As I was falling to my doom, I whispered softly, "if I could relive those days, I know the one thing that would never change."


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