Wherever it started

it doesn't matter,

I've got a bunch of moments

in my pockets.

the music starts

and people dance and shout

for my entertainment.

i don't dance,

i laugh out loud

and our smiles meet

(but we don't).

Whatever it meant

it doesn't matter,

you tipped your head

and I think I responded.

i walk around

but i don't dare


and dance with you.

for hours

i watch

cuz someone pushed "GO"

you're looking at me?

Whoever you were

it doesn't matter

since you disappeared

when I got back.

I regret not getting a drink with you

and my brain

can't stop spinning.

Later on

I spot you again

and I think

"Aren't these butterflies for kids?"

Why can't I just

break t-

he structure?

i might f






this weekend

if i stay quiet.