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Summary: Kate meets a second Necromancer who promises her love and all the things she's never had before. Is Craig able to save her or will the love he's never been able to show her finally come back to haunt him?

Paranormal Investigations 2

Chapter 1

The Paranormal Investigators were a team of seven supernatural beings. Two witches, a dwarf computer hacker, a necromancer, a psychic, a werewolf and a vampire make up the team. They've been together for many years; although the first two to start the team, the vampire named Craig and the necromancer named Kate have been together the longest. Mark the werewolf was the next to join the team by mishap of the first supernatural case Craig and Kate worked on. He was followed by Sarah, the psychic who prides herself on being lacy. The twins, children brought back to life by Kate named Mykul and Vanessa, are the witches, Vanessa wielding fire and Mykul wielding wind. The last to join was the dwarf computer hacker named Lucas, a short old fashioned electronic gamer with an eye for computers.

Together they solve murder mysteries of various sorts, combining their strengths in order to keep themselves interested in their 'chosen' or 'forcefully chosen' professions and to put their excess energy to use.

Relationships exist here as they would in any other sort of situation or grouping, although a few are harder to explain than others. Craig, being a gay vampire, perhaps the only gay vampire known to humankind is in love with Mark the werewolf, hitting on him at every possible opportunity. "Get away from me you damn vampire!" has become a favorite and almost necessary saying for the werewolf even if Craig never listens. Mark is in love with Sarah, who ignores him and turns him down every time he asks for a date. The only difference between the way the two hit on the ones they love is Craig wraps his arms around Mark's neck, while Mark just always has asked.

Mykul and Vanessa are the avatars of Sarah, acting as her eyes and ears on the field because she's normally to lazy to go out and do things herself. Each twin picked out a father figure shortly after arriving, Vanessa clinging to Mark much like Craig does and Mykul finding Craig to be her father figure of choice. The only difference between Vanessa's clinging and Craig's clinging is Vanessa is so cute Mark allows her to clamp onto his waist in a hug.

Lucas is a heavy gamer and the most technological of the team. Mark often will play games with him and although he always looses and a shouting match often erupts, the two play as often as they can. The dwarf takes pleasure in beating down Mark in various shooting and fighting games. The others normally don't join in because they see no point in getting drawn into shouting matches where curse words can be heard miles away.

The closest relationship exists between Craig and Kate, the original investigators. They bonded in the supernatural way a few years after they first met, by sharing blood in the vampire fashion. Kate still has the bite marks on her wrist, marks to this day she hasn't allowed to heal. They're almost like brother and sister, sharing everything and protecting each other through thick and thin. Kate is especially protective of Craig, if someone messes with him and makes her mad, said person normally doesn't live to see their next sunrise. The same goes for Craig if Kate is in trouble, both being each other's family. Kate however, has one small difference. She has been in love with Craig since they first met. It wasn't just his good looks, his blond hair and striking blue eyes, but it was his personality and his strength and intelligence as well. The only problem is Craig will never likely love her that way in return, his interest for romance being Mark, and Kate has always seemed to accept that. Of course, she still wishes he'd at least love her a little in that way, a small hope she's been clinging to in the back of her mind…

Craig woke up to the sound of his alarm clock beeping loudly. He yawned, baring his fangs and opened up the coffin to hit the snooze button while looking at the time.

"It's almost ten!" he exclaimed and pushed the top off so he could get up and stretch. He realized he had slept in a little too much; hitting the snooze button seven to ten times wasn't something he should really be doing if he wanted to get up at a reasonable hour of the night. He stood up and began to button up his shirt and pants while reaching for his familiar red trench coat, shoes and glasses. As soon as he checked his hair in the mirror after dressing he rushed to the elevator to take him upstairs. He got in and pressed the button, tapping his foot impatiently as he waited to finally get to the top floor. Why he didn't just take the stairs he didn't know. The door opened wide and he went out, glancing around for his Mark.

"Mark? MARK! Where are you?" There was no one within his range of sight and he didn't hear anything either. He jumped back, hitting against the closed elevator door when he saw the knob of the front door being turned. "Ow, damnit, that hurt." The door swung open and Kate stepped in, shaking her umbrella and placing it at the side of the door. "Kate, where's everyone?"

"Not here, obviously," she replied and took of her jacket, putting it on the coat rack. It looked extremely soaked. "It's pouring rain outside you know."

"I'm just wondering where everyone is," Craig said with a shrug. "I really could care less if it's raining."

"Oh yeah? I'm not jumping rooftops with you tonight in the pouring rain," she said. "And I won't let you either."

"Aw, c'mon Kate, it's not like we're going to catch pneumonia or something like that." Craig put on his best pouting face. Kate only grinned as she went to a chair by Sarah's desk area and sat down, ringing water out of her hair as she did so.

"I don't like getting wet," she said with another glare.

Craig pulled up a chair next to her. "So then where is everyone?" He watched in amazement as water dripped from her hair. Her bangs were wet against her face and a little of her makeup was running down her cheeks. "How'd you get so wet?"

"My umbrella tore a hole as I was walking back," she said. "I'll need to get a new one later…"

"Taking a nap in the graveyard I presume?" Craig asked.

"No I wasn't as a matter of fact. I was out shopping. I don't think the checkout lady liked me very much," she replied. "Once I exited it began to rain. I had my umbrella with me because of the clouds I had seen earlier before walking out to a few stores but it still tore."

"Couldn't you have just had spirits protect you from the rain?" Craig asked.

"There were still a lot of people out. I didn't want to scare anyone too badly," Kate replied with a shrug. "Amazing how much people still want to get out even if it's pouring rain."

"Okay, that's all fine and good but where is everyone?" Craig asked irritably.

"Don't get mad at me Craig," she said. "You're the one who asked 'where is everyone?' and then a whole different string of questions to go with it."

"You didn't answer my first time asking it!" he exclaimed. "So I had to keep up the conversation you started."

"You started it," Kate said pointedly. "You asked why I was wet."

Craig glared at her. "Just please tell me where everyone is!"

"All right, okay. Mark and Lucas are at a gaming party, I don't know how Lucas keeps getting invitations to those. All right, maybe I have some idea but he goes to an awful lot of them. At least he takes Mark with him. Sarah and the twins are out somewhere for the night. I don't know exactly where but I think she's someplace without rain." Kate sighed heavily. "Rain sucks."

"That's your opinion," Craig said. "I rather like rain. That and lightning. When lightning strikes it can be quite beautiful. I've seen many a stormy night, lightning streaking across the sky in elegant patterns." He grinned. "Only the sky knows which pattern to create."

"Sounds poetic," Kate said dreamily, resting her head in her arms. "Yet it's still raining, and I'm soaked through."

"Go dry off?" Craig suggested cautiously.

"Yeah sure, I better go do that," Kate said. "I'm just too lazy to move."

"Always have been and always will be, right?" Craig asked with a laugh. "I'll go get you a towel then from the bathroom. We have towels there, right?"

"We should," Kate said. "I made sure this place had next to everything. If not, go steal one of Sarah's from her room…wait, never mind."

Craig shuddered. "I can't believe you almost suggested that. If anything that would be a punishment!" He darted off towards the bathroom and emerged with a blue towel. "Lucky, we had one!"

"Only one?" Kate asked.

"Only one," Craig said with a nod as Kate grabbed it from his hands. He sat down again and crossed his legs.

"Might have to send Sarah out to get a few more," Kate said.

"Why don't you just go?" Craig asked.

"Mostly because of the fact that I don't pick out anything good, you know that. Sarah chided me so badly last time I went shopping for something like that." Kate smiled as she attempted to dry out her hair.

"Speaking of which, where are the packages you got? You said you went shopping, although I don't know for what reason," Craig said.

"Oh, I made a trip home before coming here. I didn't want anyone to see what I had gotten just yet. I didn't dry off there because I thought that would be pointless. And I just carried around the umbrella because…well, I don't know," she said. "And no, I'm not telling you either."

"You're mean," Craig whined. "And cruel and relentless!"

"I'm not cruel I'm just me," she replied. "Don't be such a baby." Craig raised his hands in defeat.

"Well anyways, so then what's there left to do?" Craig asked. "It's boring then if we can't do anything. That's not to mention there aren't any cases we're working on right now."

"I could see what games Lucas has on his computer," Kate said as she looked up, the towel draped over her hair.

"You hardly know how to work a computer," Craig said. "I doubt you'd get it up and running, you'd probably end up breaking it. Besides, you know Lucas doesn't like you or anyone messing with his computer."

"Fine then, what's your idea?" Kate asked.

"We go rooftop jumping in the rain," he said easily. Kate smacked him.

"What the heck was that for?" Craig asked as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Did the whole conversation miss you or something?" Kate asked. "I hate the rain!"

"Well, it doesn't look to heavy!" he exclaimed, pointing at one of the windows not covered by wooden boards.

"Hey, it has lightened up," Kate said with glee. "If it completely stops then I won't mind going out."

"I thought you hated rain," Craig said.

"And so you naturally assume I hate running after it's rained? So long as it's not pouring down on me I can stand a few puddles," Kate said and then stood up, heading towards the elevator. "I'm so glad I left a change of clothes in the twins' room!" The basement of the building was basically a bunch of living quarters, labs and other things. Sarah and the twins and Craig lived in said basement so it had to be outfitted with everything. It even had a few guest quarters, just in case. Of course, the basement itself then was bigger than the building above it.

"I'll go down with you," Craig said and stood up and walked over to join her. "I might as well grab another flask of blood. I'm still a little hungry."

"How fast did you down the first one?" Kate asked with a knowing grin.

"I chugged it. It didn't even have alcohol or coffee in it. I'm going to have to make a new batch of coffee. I think I drank the last blood coffee a few days ago," Craig said as they stepped into the elevator. "Aha! Now I have a purpose, something to work for tonight!"

"I thought we were going to go rooftop jumping!" Kate complained. No way was he going to get out of it now. She wanted to go and he was coming with her damnit. "You have to come with me!"

"But Kate, you know I can't go on well enough without my caffeine source," he said, playing with his hands in an innocent gesture.

"Craig, I'm serious. We haven't jumped rooftops in a while. Please?" Kate asked, begging only a little. "It would mean a lot to me." They stepped out of the elevator and Craig started to walk towards the lab. "Craig, come on, don't be mean."

Craig sighed. He really couldn't deny Kate. "Okay, fine, I'll come. Just come find me when you're dressed again. I'll brew my coffee and we can jump rooftops while it's brewing."

"Thanks Craig," Kate said with a smile and dashed off towards the twins' room.

"You're welcome." Craig sighed and started towards the lab again. "I don't know what I'd do without her…"

Jumping rooftops proved to be a ton of fun that night, mainly due to the fact they had to make sure they didn't really slip and slid around across the wet cement, metal and occasionally wood and glass. They had to be careful not to break anything too when they did end up crashing, which happened to Kate twice and Craig three times. They arrived back at the bureau out of breath and laughing in silent gasps.

"I thought…HA! I thought that last slip did break the glass!" Kate said as she walked inside, holding onto her stomach with both hands. "Aha, ha…you really have no sense of balance!"

"Me? You…heh, you almost broke your own bones with the first slip!" Craig said as he stepped inside and shut the door, collapsing against it once it was closed as he tried to calm himself down.

Kate sat down next to Craig and took deep breaths, calming herself down. She shut her eyes and leaned back against the wooden doorframe for a moment, collecting herself with a faint smile playing across her lips.

"I don't think we had that much fun before," Kate said. "I can't remember the last time we went out rooftop jumping after a storm!"

"I don't recall that either," Craig said. "Ah, my coffee!" Craig bolted up and ran towards the elevator, pushing the button and jumping in as soon as it opened up. He shut the door waving Kate a temporary goodbye and went downstairs. Kate stood herself up and put her coat back on the coat rack. She headed towards the stairs and took them down instead of waiting for the elevator. The stairs were old but still useable and Kate went down them easily enough, emerging in the basement and heading towards Craig's lab.

"I'm coming in," she said in the doorway to the lab, but noticed she didn't see Craig anywhere in sight. She sighed; did he run back to his room or something? She couldn't see him anywhere in the lab. Of course, that wasn't too hard though, considering his lab was always messy.

"Kate! I knew you'd follow me down. Come, try this!" Craig exclaimed, and Kate let out a gasp of surprise as Craig suddenly appeared before her, holding a steaming mug. Kate took it with a raised eyebrow in Craig's direction, wondering what he was up to. "Come on, give it a try!" Kate's eyes narrowed at Craig in an attempt at glaring while she brought the steaming mug to her lips. She sipped it gently and her eyes widened. Craig began jumping up and down with his hands clasped together like a little kid. "Well, what do you think of it? Is it good, is it tasty?"

"It's not poisonous," Kate said as she lowered her hands with a smile. "It's good; I think this may be one of your best yet."

"YAY!" he exclaimed and grabbed the cup from her, walking over to the fridge and grabbing a few flasks of half full blood and taking them over to where the coffee pot was. He added coffee to each flask with a funnel and shook them up for good measure before opening one and taking along drink. "Ah, that's the stuff!"

"Well, it's good to know it worked out for you," Kate said with a smile. "Can I finish this?"

"Go ahead. I'm going to start making another batch…" he trailed off as he began to dig through his packets and cans of various coffee flavors. "Don't want to get too drunk off blood wine just yet…" Kate watched him, leaning against the door frame as she sipped her drink.

"You really are something," Kate said admiringly. "Why don't you want to get drunk just yet? I've seen you get drunk much earlier than this you know."

"But Mark could come home at any minute now and I want to be at my best!" he said, striking his chest in a proud gesture. Kate sighed and leaned her head against the entryway as well. Craig was so into Mark, and Mark fully well wanted nothing to do with the vampire in the romantic sense Craig was thinking about. "Any minute now he'll probably be coming back."

"And be incredibly moody and in a yelling match with Lucas. It happens nearly every time they go out," Kate said. "You know that."

"I know…but I can't give up!" Craig looked funny for a moment, hand raised in the air in a determined gesture, his eyes glazed over with the beginnings of a caffeine rush and Kate sighed loudly. He was always going to go after Mark; there was no doubt about it. He had kept it up for hundreds of years already, why stop now?

"I'm going upstairs and maybe out for a walk," Kate said. "I'll drop off the mug in the kitchen sink upstairs."

"Do you want me to come with?" Craig asked.

"Nah, that's okay. I'll be fine. I just need some fresh air tonight, rooftop jumping didn't cut it for me this time," Kate said and took another sip before heading towards the elevator.

"Well, if you want me to come with just ask!" Craig shouted as Kate entered the elevator.

"Will do!" she shouted back as the elevator doors closed on her. She leaned back against the metal of the door, pressing one hand to the cool metal and relaxed visibly against it. "I don't feel so hot right now, maybe I'm just coming down with something…"


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