They tell me

True love

Is one in a million

I'd say

Those are pretty good odds

And I'd tell you

How I feel

If I could find the words

If I knew what to say

When you were around

You leave me


And wondering

How you got me

To tear my walls down

With my bare hands

After I built them up so high

I wonder

How you gave me the strength

I never had

They hush me

When I say I love you

But I think

Everyone knows that I do

They tell me

To play hard to get

But I'm quite an easy catch

In your arms

I fall asleep each night

Or at least

Dream that I do

Drift to sleep each night

To a lullaby of your voice

Whispering in my ear

All the things I want to hear

Kiss you and

Never have to let you go

Please don't go

Because I need you here with me

Each day

More than ever