I once thought when I was with you
I could say that "this was right"
but suddenly
the walls would cave in around me
my breather held short
as I pulled myself away

I feel like tearing apart my soul
breaking myself and in doing so
I may take a part of you with me
I can't live this way
it makes my heart weak
and my spirit cry
while I go though this torment
surrounding myself in shadows
afraid that the world within me
will be discovered by those I love

now alone
I can wander through the labyrinth of my mind
try to seek within me
swallow away my troubles
but fears bind me
entangled and confused
I cannot travel beyond the black mirror
to the place where light may shine
because my dark twin knows that
no good can come of me
no life can be lived

Forever will I wander
though this maze of chaos
never finding life of peace
to calm the turmoil in my soul